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Unpacking Privilege: Some Things I’ve Learned as a Trans Man

You’ve probably heard the term ‘privilege’ used to describe an advantage some people have over others.  I actually prefer the word ‘advantage’ because I think it accurately describes the impact of privilege, which is generally what we are looking at … Continue reading

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Trans*date 07.11.2016: My New Name is Two Years Old

Two years ago on 7/11/2014, I rechristened myself with a new legal name.  A month before that, I’d started taking testosterone. At the urging of some friends, I’m going to share some of what I’ve learned about myself, about transition, … Continue reading

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I Miss My Tears

Have you ever had sex so good it made you cry? I’ve been there and done that more than once.  I’ve been so moved by the connection and passion I’m experiencing with my lover that I’ve sobbed and cried with … Continue reading

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Trans*date 2015-08-02: Pictures Speak – One Year Later

I’ve been taking testosterone for about a year and a month.  I’ve been letting my facial hair grow to see what it does when I don’t shave or trim it.  We start with two pictures taken in June 2014, right … Continue reading

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Now that I have Facial Hair, It’s Easier to Be Feminine

You might be looking at this post with a quizzical eye, maybe an eyebrow lift.  Or maybe you’ve been through all this and you’re nodding in recognition. It’s not something that happened right away, but as my appearance and voice … Continue reading

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Passing Privilege, Spring Break and Bathrooms

I told a friend I was going to Florida for spring break with my family and he gave me a concerned look. “Be careful down there, especially in the bathrooms.” That gave me pause, because though I’d been reading about … Continue reading

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Trans*date – 9 months on T: Come on Get Higher

This morning, I recorded myself singing Come On Get Higher (Matt Nathanson).   The name of the song, as well as a frequent thought as I attempt to sing songs I used to sing before testosterone… “Come on, get higher!”

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The Way She Sees Me

My new love, the one who seems most able to make love stay in a way that makes my heart sing and thump and shake it’s rump… she sees me.  This morning I sent her a picture of my morning … Continue reading

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Trans*date 01-10-2015: the Evolution of my Singing Voice

I recorded myself singing a couple of days ago, singing a song that I’ve been learning over the last month, Ball and Chain by Max Gomez.  After I posted that recording to YouTube, I listened to the recording I did … Continue reading

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Trans*date 01.07.2015: Noticeable

{left a voice message inviting Neighbor Femme to a pie date, we haven’t seen each other in a few months} {she texted back} Omg, your voice! {me} Did you have to do a double-take? {she} I didn’t believe it was … Continue reading

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