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Dirty Compersion

I was sitting on her couch, petting the kitten, when she got home today.  She was bubbling with excitement, effervescent with it, gleaming and shimmering.  There are exciting people and exciting new things happening.  She starts telling me about them, … Continue reading

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Date Night with My Boyfriend

We were in a saltwater town on the peninsula, holding hands and kissing every chance we got.  Sitting in one of the many pizza joints with a lot of other Seahawks fans watching the game, I looked across the table … Continue reading

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growl in my ear bite my face rut on me your great need I want it spend it on me growl ancient dance primal animal dirt and bones grit and heat searing breath gnashing teeth growl give me your ancient … Continue reading

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Swimming in the Deep End

My girlfriend, Oregon Girl, has a blog called Swimming in the Deep End. She’s smart and clever and writes insightful posts and sexy posts and poetry like this: real love tastes like freedom uncaged and limitless smells like petrichor earthy … Continue reading

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Life is Really Awesome

So much of the time I come to this entry screen to moan and groan about how hard life is but today I want to revel in the awesomeness I’m experiencing lately.  I want to roll around in it and … Continue reading

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Dating Ruby is So Good

Ruby, the voluptuous Portland hottie who I am fortunate to call ‘girlfriend’, recently visited Olympia to catch up with a BFF and for the occasion of our fourth date.  At some point I’m sure I’ll lose track of the actual … Continue reading

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End of October Update

Tons going on lately… are you ready? Date Number 2 with Ruby!  We’ve been heating things up over the interwebs and she’s now promising to pounce on me this Saturday.  YES!  We’re going to have dinner and drinks at various … Continue reading

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The season for anniversaries

From September and into the new year, there is a list of special dates to celebrate: September 7th: my wife and I celebrated our 18th anniversary  October 6th:  Butchtastic is 3 years old October 14th:  4 years of polyamory November … Continue reading

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Beyond Bromance

This is a post from Kyle, the male half of the dual-gendered person whose blog you’re reading.  Most posts are presented by Casey, our female half. In the past couple of years, I’ve come out as transgendered, as the subbie … Continue reading

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hangin with porn stars

I had the good fortune of being able to hang out with some of my favorite queer porn stars last night, by attending a couple of workshops given as a part of Porn Week at The Evergreen State College (my … Continue reading

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