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Nonbinary: Memoirs of Gender and Identity

This book, more than 5 years in the making, is finally getting out into the world. Around 30 contributors share their personal experiences and journeys in discovering what gender means to them, in defying gender norms and finding a place … Continue reading

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Butch for Bears, part 1

I love wearing blue jeans, old pairs stretching to accommodate my hips, greeting me like an old friend whenever I pull them on.  I love wearing boots, love the solid way each step feels, the connection with the earth and … Continue reading

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I’m writing right now

I’ve gotten started on the next story, an erotic story with humiliation kink. I’m just about the part where the sexy business happens and I’m already feeling hot and bothered about it. Hoping to have it finished for you by … Continue reading

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Humiliation Kink Finally Caught Up With Me

Humiliation play never appealed to me. Even watching it was difficult, though I have been witness to more than one such scene involving people I cared about.  I remember cringing inwardly, trying not to let my discomfort show. I wanted … Continue reading

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My Multidimensional Lover

Let me tell you about My Sweetie.  After four years of loving, challenging and kinking with each other, we’re still finding new ways to find erotic and sensual pleasure.  Even when we were just a few months into our relationship, … Continue reading

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The Return

After a bit of a hiatus, I’ve decided to come back to this blog because I’ve got some new erotic stories developing in my head. Until a couple of days ago, I thought my hiatus would be permanent, that Butchtastic … Continue reading

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Special Delivery: a Winning Story

For almost 10 years I’ve made good use of an Aslan Jaguar dildo harness.  By ‘made good use of’, I mean, I’ve had a lot of really hot sex.  I’ve been a fan since I first strapped on the supple … Continue reading

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Living up to Our Words

I read this at Olympia’s Equality March for Unity and Pride today: This is the Equality March for Unity and Pride Pride … Unity…. Equality…. Powerful words, powerful enough to bring us together today. But what do they mean? I’ve … Continue reading

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What I’ve been up to

I recently realized that it’s been quiet a while since I last posted, since October 2016. I’ve been busy working on what I consider my most ambitious writing project to date – a full length fiction novel.  I’ve got some … Continue reading

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Celebrating 8 Years of Butchtastic

On October 6th, my blog turned 8.  Eight years of blogging about sex, gender, relationships, parenting, and whatever else comes bubbling to the surface.  Throughout those years and all those posts (1,148 total), I’ve posted some pretty vulnerable stuff, digging … Continue reading

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