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I’m rewriting my About page.  For now you should know that I’m a kinky queer butch genderqueer trans* person who writes fiction and erotica and is in a polycule with my wife of 23 years and my OSO of 1.5 years and I have two kids and I work far too much and really want to spend more time writing and fucking.

I started this blog in 2008 because I wanted to have a space to post erotica and a space to explore gender and sexuality – mine, mostly.  I had blogged before, about family, parenting, being a geek, but I knew this venture would be different.

Have questions, ideas, suggestions, fun gossip? You can email me at Kyle AT butchtastic DOT net.  Also, find me on Twitter and Fetlife as Butchtastickyle and Facebook as Kyle Jones.

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  3. Kim says:

    You are very brave to share with us. Kudos.

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  5. I enjoy your writings and your insight…a lot.


    Thank you, Mac and thank you for checking out my blog — K

  6. Elle says:

    Hi, Kyle.

    I stumbled upon your blog while Googling for butch-femme erotica. I find your writing to be extraordinary and I consistently visit your blog to read your inspirational erotica and enthralling stories! I wholeheartedly identify with how you function best in multiple loving relationships because I feel much the same way. I am involved in 2 loving relationships — one with a man and one with a woman — although I have much stronger feelings and a closer connection with the woman in my life. She’s my handsome butch, I’m her attractive femme and we have an enormous hunger for each other! Your writing has helped me to realize and express some of my feelings in my own writing so please keep it up and keep me inspired…..and keep writing about Des……

    Your comment makes me smile SO BIG… yay! I’m happy for you, your situation sounds awesome, hope you and your others keep that awesomeness going. I am very, very happy that my writing is inspiring to you, that’s always a wonderful thing to hear.. .and don’t worry, I have a lot more to write about with Des, and the other women who end up sharing a portion of Buddy’s heart. K

  7. Ty says:

    Dear Kyle

    I am the Managing Editor of the online sexuality platform SimplySxy and hope to be able to feature your views through an article piece.

    SimplySxy’s mission is the promotion of sex positivity and sexual diversity. We are constantly on the lookout to feature interesting and talented guests on our magazine to promote their work and have them share their opinions with our readers.

    We have a LGBTQ section and feature guests by having them share on a particular topic which will give our readers a more intimate and personal touch. You can check out two articles we have published to have an idea:

    Do let me know if you’re interested to be featured on SimplySxy, and if you have any queries, I’ll be most happy to answer them. Thank you.

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