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I’m rewriting my About page.  For now you should know that I’m a kinky queer butch genderqueer trans* person who writes fiction and erotica and is in a polycule with my wife of 23 years and my OSO of 1.5 years and I have two kids and I work far too much and really want to spend more time writing and fucking.

I started this blog in 2008 because I wanted to have a space to post erotica and a space to explore gender and sexuality – mine, mostly.  I had blogged before, about family, parenting, being a geek, but I knew this venture would be different.

Have questions, ideas, suggestions, fun gossip? You can email me at Kyle AT butchtastic DOT net.  Also, find me on Twitter and Fetlife as Butchtastickyle and Facebook as Kyle Jones.

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