Puzzle Pieces

I’m lying next to you as we catch our breath.  My hollows and curves fit perfectly into your curves and hollows, like puzzle pieces. Songs about love and desire are playing on the Spotify channel you selected.  We’ve had multiple rounds of sex already, our bodies glazed with sweat and orgasm. I could be done, sated and sleepy, drifting off snuggled against you. Or I could start us up again.

My lips are against your shoulder, neck, the hollow under your ear.  I graze the spot on your neck I know will make you moan and squirm. You shift and press your ass against my groin, starting to breathe a little more heavily.  My hand drifts along your contours, slowly; no need to hurry. I love the feeling of your skin against my fingertips. 

Soon I’m softly stroking your mound, spreading you open to stroke your hard shaft and downward to press against the flesh surrounding your hole. I tease the edge, pulling your wetness out, up, looping around your shaft and then back again. You make an impatient sound as I play just inside you, circling, stroking a few centimeters, and pulling out again. Your continued impatience and the way your hips are already pressing up inspires me to drive my fingers into you, hitting the accelerator hard. 

“Not so far this time, just press up.”

I pull my fingers most of the way out and push my fingertips up with a steady pressure against the corduroy bulge of your G-spot. I begin to stroke lightly, two fingers running. We get into sync quickly; it’s a dance we know well.There is a deep sense of empathy and connection between us, and I feel myself getting wet as I continue to stroke and press against the surging motion of your hips.

It doesn’t take long for you to climax, squirting around the palm of my hand.  You groan with frustration, and curse me “You fucker!” – because we hadn’t put a pad down. I move quickly to remedy the situation and once again we’re catching our breath.

Not long after, you request I get Goliath, your biggest cock.  At your urging, I force it into you and hand you the vibrator. You gesture for me to lie next to you.  Once again, I’m nestled against you, this time with a hand on the base of the dildo, doing my best to hold it inside you.  The strong muscles of your cunt continue to push it out and I’m glad I’ve been working out. I need every ounce of muscle I have!

You give me a prompt, between gasps of breath, something to tell me which game is afoot now.  This is where the magic starts.

“Are you gonna make me fuck all the men?” 

“Yes, all of them, anyone I choose, you’ll open your legs for all of them.” 

“Yes, yes” you pant. I struggle to keep Goliath in place as you bear down.

“In fact, I’m just going to post a sign on the power pole out front – ‘slutty cunt in #3, come up and fuck it’. They’ll line up, one after another, hard cocks in hand.”

“Oh, yes, yes!  I’ll fuck them all for you.”

“Yes, you will.  You’ll spread your legs and let them all in, one after another.  I think I’ll blindfold you, so you only know them by feel – furry bellies against you, heavy breathing and a hard cock forcing its way into your hole.”

There are patterns to these scenarios we build.  Repetition of key words and phrases that push you higher, for the same reason I dog ear specific pages in my favorite porn anthologies. “Forcing”, “hole”, “all the cocks”, “spread your legs”, “using your hole”, “all the men”… I build the sexy, slutty story with a breathy voice in your ear.  

“Are you going to let them come inside me?” 

“Oh, yes, all of them will come inside you and then they’ll leave and the next guy in line will put his cock in you.”

The idea of a line up of men waiting to fuck you raw feeds the slut in you.  You’re pressing the buzzer down and thrusting against the cock and I struggle to keep it inside you, it’s so slick now.  I continue to talk dirty, calling you a slut, a cock-hungry girl who needs to be fucked. It’s a very dirty story and you’re the star; you’re always the star of my dirty improv stories.

“You won’t know who they are,” I continue. “They won’t know you. No names, just hard, squirting cocks. They’ll just fuck you and come in your hole and then leave.” Your whole body lurches and you climax in a series of convulsive thrusts.  Goliath almost comes out all the way this time. 

“Put it back in! Put it back in!”, you cry and I have to use considerable force to follow your instruction. You come again, and then slow down.  Eventually, you tell me, “I can’t push it out, I need your help.”

I pull out the cock as gently as possible, which isn’t easy since your cunt is still holding on tight.  This time we both settle down, my knee over your hips, wetness against your hip.

I could start something up again. Instead, I let myself drift into a satisfied drowse.

This is the first story from what I hope is a series of “Erotica from Real Life” ™.

This content is published under the Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported license.

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