Hey Fan of Butchtastic, Want to be a Patron?

Not too long ago, I launched my Patreon page.  Patreon is a platform for artists looking for supportive patrons.  The idea is that supporters pledge a monthly amount or by post and the artist does cool things for them in return, along with pursuing their art.

I got the idea from Sinclair Sexsmith at Sugarbutch Chronicles.  My friend Micah at NeutroisNonsense also has a Patreon account, as does trans actor and educator, Scott Turner Shofield.  And so on with many other artists, performers and writers.

I’m on Patreon to find ongoing funding to keep my work available and to havd additional resources for making it more accessible in different forms. For example, audio readings of my work and an e-book anthology and maybe some fun videos.  My baseline is to have enough funds to keep the blog hosted.  Beyond that, I’d like to revamp it, modernize it and re-catalog my stories so they’re easier to find.  And read.  And reread.

People who subscribe through Patreon get cool additional stuff other people don’t get.  Have a favorite story on Butchtastic?  Want a recording of me reading it?  Subscribe and make that suggestion.  Have other ideas for stories?  Patrons have greater access and more input.

My Patreon cherry has already been popped at the $5/month level, but other cherries remain. Want to be my first $50/month patron?  In addition to the posted rewards for that level, I’ll give you something extra.  Have a favorite story on Butchtastic?  Want me to read it to read it to you in a Skype call?  Make that pledge and let’s make it happen.

Want to be the one to pop my $100/month cherry?  You get a Skype chat each quarter.  I could read stories to you, or we could talk about the stories behind the stories.  If you live close enough, maybe we could plan an in person visit to celebrate your cherry-poppin’ visit.

You can also make a one time contribution via PayPal and I’ll reward you as well… especially if you give me some ideas about what you’d like.

Most of all, I want your input.  If making monetary contributions doesn’t work for whatever reason, please consider sending me feedback, ideas for stories or other content, or whatever comes to mind.  Creating can be a very lonely activity and I find myself craving community. You could be a part of that.  I hope you will.


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