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me and my boi second coverThere’s a new Cleis Press Erotica Anthology out and it’s making a tour of blogs via the editor and many of the writers.  At the bottom of this post, I’ve added the full blog tour list, as well as how to win a copy of Me and My Boi for yourself.  To buy a copy, try Amazon paperback, Amazon Kindle, Amazon UK, and Nook.

This anthology has already been around for over two years, being delayed due to changes in leadership at Cleis.  I wrote the story, What I’m Made Of, back in 2012 to submit to Best Lesbian Erotica 2013.  Kathleen Warnock chose the story as a finalist but I did not make the ultimate cut for that collection.

In 2013, Sacchi Green put out the call for Me and My Boi came out and I went back to WIMO to see how I felt about submitting it again.  I’d had some time to gain perspective and knew it could be improved.  I enlisted some copy editing help from a friend, Sage, and through her efforts and mine, the story improved a lot.  By the time I submitted it to Sacchi Green for this collection, I was sure it was a great story and well written.  What I didn’t know was if it would fit Green’s vision for the anthology.

When I got the word it had been selected as a finalist, I was guardedly optimistic.  The experience with BLE 2013 was still pretty fresh.  Sacchi continued to be optimistic about the piece and we were very close to getting into the final stages when Cliess’s ownership changed.  Then we were all back to not square one, but awaiting an unknown publishing date and without the final word on whether the publisher would accept Sacchi’s list.  The publishing date changed several times and I put it out of my mind.

When Sacchi contacted us in January of this year with the fantastic news that we had a real publishing date, it was a really awesome late holiday present.   June 14th, 2016, right in the middle of Pride month.

There are elements of my lived experience in this story, but it’s not a story about something that happened in my life.  I did work in a sandwich shop in a mall in my early 20s, though I didn’t have crushes on any co-workers.  I have had a good amount of sex in the various vehicles and it was fun to write a story where I could use that experience.

Not surprisingly, the narrator is a lot like me, with a similar outlook and a similar awkwardness when it comes to talking to people I’m attracted to.  The other character, the other side of the sexual dynamic duo in this story, is an amalgamation of several people in my life.  It’s no surprise to people who know me that I have always been attracted to take-charge women, the strong feminine type who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to grab me and get it.

And now that you’ve read a bit of the ‘behind the story’ story, here’s a little tease from What I’m Made Of….

She wrapped one arm around my shoulder and brought my face close to hers. I almost lost my limited cool right there, looking into her eyes, her lips open and moist. Fortunately, even in a situation of extreme nervousness with a gorgeous woman, I can manage a kiss. And damn, damn, damn…  I’ll never forget her lips, full and firm but giving in at just the right moments. Her tongue teasing and tormenting mine until it followed hers. I have no idea how much time we spent just making out, but it was glorious and I was in no hurry to get to the next base.

She was a bit more motivated, judging by the way she broke our lip-lock, pressed me back against the seat and straddled my lap. We were still fully clothed but I could feel the heat of her mound as it pressed against mine. I reached around, grabbing her ass, pulling her more firmly against me. She sucked on my neck and ears as we rocked against each other, occasionally visiting my mouth for deep, searing kisses. When she wasn’t pressing her lips against mine, or moaning, there was a steady stream of dirty words coming out of her mouth that both impressed and encouraged me.  I lifted my pelvis a little more, grabbed her ass and held her tightly against me. She gasped, rubbing even faster, pressing against my clit and bringing me to the brink of orgasm in seconds. I groaned from deep in my belly, a counterpoint to her higher cry of pleasure.


There is a bucket list item I hope to cross off my list soon and that is to walk into a book store and see this anthology (or Order Up, published earlier this month) on the shelf and to be able to open it and see my name in the table of contents.  It’s a game I’ve played with copies of BLE or other erotic anthologies – looking to see how many writers I know. And now I’m one of the names that people are going to see when they open either of these two books.

The next stop on the tour is tomorrow, June 27th at Gigi Frost‘s Facebook page.



Anyone who comments on any of the posts in the Me and My Boi blog tour will be entered in a drawing for one free copy of the anthology. You can comment on more than one post and be entered more than once. The winner will be announced and notified by July 5, if not sooner.

To read more insider dish on the making of this anthology and to increase your chances of winning a copy of the book, visit and comment on the rest of the stops on the tour:

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June 17—Tamsin Flowers – Superotica

June 18—Victoria Villasenor— BreyWillows (also a writer on the Order Up anthology)

June 19—J. Caladine – on Sacchi Green

June 20—Victoria Janssen

June 21—Dena Hankins

June 22—D. Orchid – on Sacchi Green

June 23—Pavini Moray – Emancipating Sexuality

June 24—Melissa Mayhew – on Sacchi Green

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June 26— ME! on Butchtastic

June 27—Gigi Frost on Facebook

June 28—Aimee Hermann – on Sacchi Green

June 29—Sommer Marsden – on Sacchi Green

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July 1— Kathleen Bradean  – on Sacchi Green

 For an interview with Sacchi Green, check out this on Ever After Romance.






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