Rough cuts: The First Time

From my pile of unpublished stories, something light and fun to start the weekend.


As many times as I have fallen in love and lust, nothing matches the first time. The contradictory combination of confusion, clarity, animal lust and puppy love with liberal doses of straight up fear were intoxicating. I remember thinking I didn’t have any idea how to have sex, and being astonished when my body knew exactly what it was doing.

I was a junior in high school and  I’d gone out with a couple of guys but the experiences weren’t exciting enough to ask for seconds. The idea of dating a girl wasn’t even on my radar yet.

The first time we met was after a basketball game. I was playing JV girls basketball and she was in the stands not far up from our bench. During a time-out, I glanced up to see her staring right at me. She had honey-gold hair, light colored eyes and dimples. We caught eyes for a moment before she blushed and dropped her gaze. I didn’t have time to ponder what it meant before I was out on the court again.

After the game one of my teammates stopped me on my way to my truck and pointed to a small group standing near her car. The girl with the dimples was with them.

“Casey, come over and meet my friends.”

Jo introduced me to the five of them but the only name that stuck in my head at the time was ‘Keri’. Up close I could see that her eyes were blue and she was wearing a light-colored sweater under a denim jacket. I had a sudden desire to reach under her jacket and feel her body through her sweater. I felt my face flush and I stammered through the next couple of moments of conversation, hoping like hell she couldn’t read my mind.

They were all heading to a nearby drive in and Jo asked me to join them. I was going to decline, feeling flustered and nervous and confused by my thoughts about Keri. I started to pull away, moving toward my car.

“Oh come on, come with us, you don’t want to go home yet, do you?” Keri had taken a couple of steps toward me and behind her, Jo grinned and winked at me. I ignored Jo and looked at Keri. Truth was I couldn’t look away, her sunny sky blue eyes had me pinned, and she was biting her lip, “Please?”

I felt something like butterflies the size of eagles in my belly as I stammered “yes” however, I couldn’t seem to move. I stood there and watched as Jo’s crew piled into her car, all except for Keri who lingered next to the open door.

“You coming or not, Ker?” Jo’s voice carried laughter and innuendo like a freight train. “Or would you rather come with Casey?”

Laughter erupted from inside the car and Keri rolled her eyes for my benefit.

“Come on, Keri” I said. “You can ride with me.”

At the drive-in, we both got shakes and I pulled into a parking slot next to Jo. The group was sitting at a picnic table and we joined them. As we walked up, one of the other girls got up to sit on the other side, leaving a two person space on the bench. We sat down and Jo tapped my shin with her toe and raised her eyebrows at me when I looked up. I gave her the “What?” look. I was getting irritated that she seemed to know more of what was going on than I did.

The irritation quickly fled as my leg registered the warmth of Keri’s thigh against mine. The conversation swirled around us, but she seemed content to focus on her milkshake and me. After a while, Jo and crew got up to leave but Keri didn’t budge.

I looked at her, eyebrows raised.

“Casey, would you mind giving me a ride home?” she said after a moment.

I glanced at Jo, who winked at me and grinned for what felt like the billionth time. They were all grinning at us and I felt myself blush, yet again.

“Yes, Keri, I’d love to give you a ride home.”

We got in my truck again and I asked Keri where she lived. She told me and then said, “But I’m not ready to go home yet. Can we go over to the river park first?”

As I said before, my body always seemed a step or two ahead of me. While my brain was attempting to wrap itself around all of this, my body had started the adrenaline drip and the area between my legs was starting to feel warm and tense. As I pulled into a spot overlooking the river, Keri moved toward me on the bench seat, putting her hand on my thigh.

I looked at her, stuck squarely between wanting to touch her in return and being afraid to move lest I scare her off.

Luckily, she knew what she was doing, “I’ve been bugging Jo to introduce us for a several weeks now. I think she didn’t want to because she could tell I had a crush on you and she’s been trying to get me to go out with her.”  Her hand felt like a warm ember on my thigh and her eyes wouldn’t let mine go. “I’m really glad she finally got over herself. It helps that she has a girlfriend now, I suppose.”

I sat in a stunned silence, color rising on my cheeks once again. The words ‘crush’ and ‘girlfriend’ were echoing in my head as I struggled to make sense of what she was saying. “So you and Jo and the others are….?”

“Lesbians, yes. Wait…” She laughed nervously, removed her hand and pulled away slightly. “Jo said you were, too.”

“No, I mean, I don’t know, I hadn’t thought about it before now, maybe?” I was babbling and there didn’t seem to be anything I could do to stop it. The eagles in my belly were circling violently, while the area between my legs had turned into a tropical swamp. My body was in an uproar and so was my mind. I looked at her desperately, not sure how to tell her what was going through my mind and hoping she’d touch me again, “Probably? I mean, your hand felt nice and I don’t want you to feel weird about it and I, uh…”

She got closer again and put her finger across my lips, silencing me. “Here’s the truth, I like you and I don’t feel weird about it. And if you’re open to it, I’d like to show you how much I like you.”

I didn’t think it was possible for my cheeks to get redder, but based on the flood of heat in them at that moment, I must have been at fire engine red. I didn’t seem to be able to speak so I nodded in agreement.

She kissed me softly at first and as soon as her lips touched mine it felt like I was nothing but a pair of lips and a throbbing cunt. Her hands started exploring my body and I sighed heavily at the intense feeling of electricity and heat she left everywhere she touched. I reached an arm around her shoulder and the other hand went up her leg until it was in the crease between her thigh and hip bone. I’d made out with a couple of guys before and it was nothing like this. Instead of the awkward and fumbling experience I’d had before, it felt right to hold her against my body, her mouth tasted good and the feeling between my legs was so intense I thought I would come just from kissing her.

In the midst of making out, we’d adjusted our positions and she was sitting half on my lap when she took my hand and slipped it under her skirt, pressing it between her legs. “Can you feel how hot I am for you?  I am soaking wet just from making out with you.”

I pressed my fingers against the dampness of her panties and she groaned in my ear, hips bucking. “Oh, god, yes, please, touch me, don’t stop.”

I’d never been with a girl intimately but I’d spent a lot of time touching myself, I knew what felt good for me and without overthinking it, that’s what I did for her. I started stroking and pressing against her clit, feeling her lips part for me. I slipped my fingers under the elastic and felt her wetness directly. Her mouth was hungry against mine, pulling on my tongue and sucking hard on it as she pressed herself against me.

She pulled away from my mouth briefly, “Please, inside me, please I need it, I need you.”

Thank goodness my head didn’t get in the way at that moment because again, my hands seemed to know just what to do. First one finger and then another found their way inside her and she leaned back against the door. She was wet and warm and squeezing my fingers and moaning and I was in heaven. All I wanted to do was stay inside her and have her keep making those noises. It was as if a combination had finally clicked into place in my head, I felt like this was something I had been born to do.

I’m always amused at how I can have so many voices in my head at moments like these. There was a part of me sitting in dumbfounded shock that I was fucking a girl in my truck not even a couple of hours after I’d met her. There was another equally shocked part who kept saying “She’s so cute and she likes me? She wants me to touch her?” over and over again. There were other voices, too, barely audible who were sending up warning flares and cautions. The only voice I was really focused on was hers.

“Oh my god, yes, oh god, that’s soo good, please yes, more more more, pleeeeease!” Her head was thrown back and I leaned forward to kiss her neck. My hand was starting to cramp but I wasn’t about to stop, I just wanted the moment to last. She convulsed and grew louder until her voice was a shrill shout and then she relaxed, though her cunt kept its grip on my fingers. Her head came up and she looked at me with wide eyes, glancing around as if she’d forgotten where we were. Truth is, I’d kind of forgotten too, and suddenly realized how exposed we were to people passing by on the street. As if to emphasize that point, headlights suddenly illuminated the cab as a car approached..

I pulled out quickly and sat back in my seat, breathing hard and watching as they drove by, not even slowing down. She laughed, a high, giddy laugh that sounded like it bubbled up from deep inside her. Her smile was huge and she pulled me toward her again.

“Kiss me, hot stuff.”

This kiss was slower, deeper and more intense. I jolted when I felt her hand between my legs. She rubbed against the seam of my jeans and I moaned into her mouth. My hips were on automatic, and I felt my orgasm rising quickly. As I came, I made sounds I had never heard come out of my mouth before; howling and keening into the night. The rest of the world receded again until there was nothing except that point where her fingers pressed against me.

I collapsed against her and she wrapped her arms around me, stroking my back.

“Baby, do you want more?  I’d love to get into your pants”  Her voice purred in my ear as I caught my breath.

I sat up and looked around, once again aware of our surroundings and the potential for discovery.

I looked at my watch and yelped.

She turned my wrist toward her and said, “Oh wow, yes, it is late isn’t it?  Are you going to get into trouble?”

I bit my lip and started the truck. “Maybe, but I can probably talk my way out of it. I’ll just tell them I was hanging out with friends after the game and time got away from me.”

“Not far from the truth, is it?” She was grinning widely, arm around my shoulder, playing with my hair. She reminded me where she lived and I pointed the truck in that direction. Once we were stopped in front of her house, she faced me with a serious look on her face.

“I know all of this is new and you weren’t expecting it. Are you OK?”

I took a moment and a deep breath. I was already looking forward to seeing her again, and doing all of that again, a lot. As much as possible, in fact.

“I’m more than OK. You’re right, I had no idea that any of this was going to happen tonight, but I am so glad it did. I didn’t know that I wanted this until you touched me. I’ve been trying to date boys but it never worked. I just figured it was my fault.”

“Not your fault, sexy, you were just meant for something different. And damn, are you good at it.”

That made me blush again and I ducked my head, overcome with shyness. She lifted my face and looked into my eyes. “I like you and I’d like to see you again, a lot more actually.”

It was a kissing moment, I could feel it but I was nervous, sitting in front of her parent’s house, which had even a granny house, made with help of the best designer of Granny Flat Plans online.

This time I pulled her lips to mine and kissed her. Her soft, sweet lips were hard to pull away from, but I had to get home and deal with my parents.

“I definitely want to see you again, too”  I bit my lip, feeling certain what I was going to ask next was way too forward and and also that I couldn’t let it go unsaid. “Are you.. would you like to be my girlfriend?”

My heart was pounding somewhere near my Adam’s apple as I watched her face for signs of what her answer would be.

“Well, you really are OK with all of this, aren’t  you?”  she said after a long pause. “We hardly know each other and this seems way too soon, but yes, yes you sexy butch, I do want to be your girlfriend.”

She gave me a quick kiss and got out of my truck. “See you tomorrow, baby.”

I watched her walk to the door, returned her wave and sat for a long moment after she closed the door behind her. I sat there until I saw an upstairs light go on. Then I left, worried someone would call the cops if I sat like a stalker in front of her house for too long.

My folks were pissed but I convinced them not to ground me. I barely slept that night, fingering myself and remembering her hands and her mouth and the way her body felt. I exhausted myself masturbating and fell asleep with one hand between my legs.

When I woke up the next morning, the first thought was of her and my next thought was….

“Holy, shit, I have a girlfriend!”  and then, “What’s a butch?”

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