New Features – Brainstorming and Ask Kyle Anything

As you may know, I’ve been working on a blog redesign (thank you Mel and Matt!) and thinking up new features and fun stuff.  I had an idea today I’d like to get your opinion.

My idea is to get you, dear reader, to send me questions.  They can be about anything, though I reserve the right to reject disrespectful ones. My plan is to answer them via video, on my YouTube channel.  I hope this will be fun for all of you; I’m pretty sure it will be fun for me.

With that in mind, who wants to give it a try?  Leave your question in the comments section for this post or email me at kyle at  And if you’ve sent questions to me before, feel free to send them again, even if I’ve answered them previously.  Times change and maybe my answer will, too.  Besides this is video, so who knows what will happen.  I might even be able to talk Red into joining me for some of these shenanigans.

Some topical areas to consider, but not feel limited to:  writing, erotic writing, gender, transition, partnering, polyamory, relationships, parenting, queer activism, LGBTQ+ youth support, life, the universe and everything.

Other ideas and feedback are also welcome.  Let me know what would make your Butchtastic experience more entertaining and worthwhile.  I’m still working on my list of incentives for people who want to become patrons, so if you have ideas for that project, send them my way.

Hope you are having a great day and if you’re not, I hope it gets better soon.

Take care, Kyle

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