Puppy Love

Last night, I came to her as a dog.  We were lying on her bed and she reached out to stroke my belly, playing with my fur.  My left leg started kicking and I moaned.  She said, “That’s a good puppy, are you a good puppy?” “Woof!” I replied.  Her hands petted me all over and I squirmed happily under her attention.  She leaned over to give me a kiss and I licked her mouth – enthusiastic and a bit sloppy.  She laughed rubbed the center of my chest.  That felt so so so good, and I let her know I liked it by licking her arm and then her nipple.

“Good dog” she said and lay down beside me.  “Come here, boy, lick me, that’s a good boy.”

I obeyed because I’m a good dog.  I licked her nipples, big strong licks and shorter softer ones.  She moaned and squirmed and I knew I was making her happy.  I remembered being a very young puppy with my mama.  I tucked my teeth back and nursed on her, sucking her teets into my mouth and imagining the sweet warm milk splashing against my tongue and swallowing it down to my belly.  She was rubbing my belly again and I whined against her chest.  I couldn’t help the way I reacted when she reached lower.  My hips began bucking and my cock grew hard and emerged from its furry shaft.  She wasn’t angry with me though, she touched me there, on my sensitive tip and spoke in soft gentle tones.  I stopped nursing and licked her face, twice, to say thank you.

“That’s my good boy, such a big boy.  This feels good, doesn’t it? Of course it does, you’re a big strong boy for me, aren’t you?”

She went on like this and continue to stroke me with her warm hands while I whined and bucked.  I know I had to be still, I was a good boy and did as I had been trained.  I had to wait until she gave me the right commands before I could do anything more.

She told me to sit and I did, watching her as she put a pad down on the bed and lay back down on it.  “Don’t want to make a mess, do we, boy?”

I wagged my tail in agreement.  I know about the messes, and was grateful that even if I helped make them, I was never in trouble for them.  She arranged herself on the pad and spread her legs open. The scent of her hit me so hard I began to pant, my tongue lolling.  I had learned not to put my nose in her crotch unless she gave me the command, but I had not learned how to not want my nose there.  She reached one hand between her legs and one hand between my back legs.  Her hand on my cock sent a tremor through my body.  She reached further and gently massaged my balls.

“Do you have a big load for me, boy? Are you going to fill me up with your doggie come?”  She didn’t need me to answer, she knew already that I did.  I looked to where her other hand was and gave a little whine.  She was fingering herself and I could hear the slick-slurpy sounds of her wetness. The smell of her was filling the room.  I could barely contain myself.

She let go of me and patted her sweet smelling mound. “You know what to do, boy.  Come down here and use that big doggie tongue on me.”

I didn’t need to be told twice.  Mmmmm, I loved the taste of her.  Sweet, salty, tangy.  I burrowed my nose between her legs and got some good long sniffs before using my tongue.  I knew just how to make her feel good with big long licks from her ass upward and short quick licks across her clit.  I kept a specific rhythm for a while, I knew she liked it because she moaned and cried out and pressed up against me. Her hands were pulling my head downward, pressing me against her.  I knew to take deep breathes so I wouldn’t run out of air.  And all the while, she told me I was doing a good job.

“OH YES, GOOD DOG.  My good, good boy, yes, lick me up, lick me all up. Good boy!”

I lost my rhythm and began licking and sucking everything I could get into my mouth.  I even used my teeth a little.  I was very careful. She squirted warm juice all over my face when I did that and I lapped it all up, cleaning her thighs and ass and all the places in between.

She patted her chest, “Come up here, yes, you are such a good boy.”

I did as commanded and could feel my cock, partly out of its sheath, rubbing against her belly.  I couldn’t help but give a couple of thrusts to press it against her.  She gave me a light slap on the shoulder, “No, no.  You know better than that. Not until I tell you.”

I hung my head down. I was embarrassed that I’d been a bad boy.

“No, no, you’re my good boy.  Come here and give me kisses.”

I happily gave her big sloppy dog kisses and also slipped my tongue into her mouth, the way she liked.  She sucked and tugged on my tongue and I was sorely pressed to keep my hips still.  My cock was painfully erect and I whimpered a little to let her know that I needed release soon.

“Yes, I know.  You’ve been such a good boy and now you need a reward, don’t you?”  Her voice was soft and kind and I loved her so much I couldn’t help but lick all over her face to let her know.

She laughed, I love her laugh.  She patted the bed off to one side “Ok, boy, sit.”

I did as commanded.  I sat and waited while she got a glass of water and held it out to me.  “You drink first, that’s a good boy.”

I lapped up some water, very grateful that I had such a good mistress who took such good care of me. She also drank from the glass.  She kneeled on the bed in front of me and took my face in both of her hands.

“Are you my good boy?”


“Do you know what’s going to happen next?”

I woofed and wagged my tail, lolling my tongue out.  Oh yes, I knew.

She laughed again at my eagerness.  “Yes, it’s time to breed, isn’t it?”

At the sound of the word ‘breed’ a feeling ran through me like an electric shock.  I was quivering all over with anticipation.

“Yes, my sweet boy, I know you’re ready.  You know to wait until I give you the signal, right?”


I watched as she got into position on her hands and knees.  I took a deep sniff and smelled her, knew she was open and wet and ready for me.  I watched her intently, waiting for the signal.

She looked at me, smiling, she knew I was eager and enjoyed making me wait a little more.  I wagged my tail.


That was the signal.  I move forward eagerly and pressed my nose between her thighs again.  I licked and found her hole and lapped up the moisture I found there.

She groaned and pressed back against my face.  And grew impatient.

“Come on your dirty dog, get up on your bitch and breed her!”

That word again.  I shot up and covered her, moving my hips until the tip of my cock found her opening.  I pressed into her quickly and held her torso between my forelegs, my muzzle against her shoulders. We found a rhythm as my hips bucked against her ass and my cock grew and pressed deeply inside her.

“OH GOD, oh god, yes, yes, fuck me, breed your bitch… fuck fuck… YES!  Good dog!”

I lost myself in the act of rutting – growling and taking nips of her back and shoulders.  She cried out in pain and I didn’t stop.  She knew I wouldn’t and she didn’t want me to.  I fucked her hard and fast and shot load after load deep into her.  I thought about the babies I was breeding her with, the litters she would bear for me.  But mostly I didn’t think at all, I was a machine.  A furry fucking machine breeding my bitch.

When I finally came back to myself a little, she was pressed down against the bed under me, breathing in little gasps.  My cock was still hard and knotted inside her so I shifted my weight as much as I could to ease up on her.  She motioned with her hand and I leaned down as best I could to put my head there.  She stroked my face clumsily and told me that I was a good boy, a good dog and that she was very happy and proud of me.  I licked her hand in thanks.

When I could disengage, I pulled out gently and with a very soft, gentle tongue, bathed her.  She rolled over on her back and gave my head little pets as I licked her clean.  Then I curled up next to her, my head on her chest.  She pulled a blanket over us.  This was a special treat, being under the covers with her.

Before we both fell asleep, she told me again what a good dog I was.  I nuzzled her and gave her a gentle face lick.  Breeding is hard work and I was tired.  Before long, I was asleep and dreaming doggy dreams of chasing butterflies and meeting good-smelling girls in short skirts.


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