For those of you visiting for the first time…

Some of you are visiting Butchtastic for the first time because you’ve read a guest post I have on NeutroisNonsense.  Some of you are friends of mine, some are friends of my wife, some are friends of both of us.  You probably already knew about me being trans, you may have also known that I was a writer.  You might not have known that I’m an erotica writer. You may also not have known that my wife and I are in a polyamorous relationship and have been for about 8 years.

Until I redesign this site, everything I post is visible right when you visit.  That means that if I post a kinky sex story about role play – for example – it’s going to be right there when you come to this blog.  In the future, I will have different content channels, so that if you do want to read sexy stories, you will be able to choose that content and if not, you can read about other stuff – like parenting, and gender, and activism and poly relationships.  Until then, reader beware – if you scroll down from here, you’re taking your chances.

Some concerns have been raised that this poly thing is all about me and she’s not getting any benefit from our arrangement.  That could not be further from the truth.  This is a mutually beneficial relationship. Like any long term couple, we are always working to strengthen and improve our relationship AND being poly has been a very positive change for us.  And we’ve been doing this for 8 years already, so it’s not new.  This blog focuses on my adventures on purpose:  my wife is more private than I and I respect her wishes to keep her adventures private.  I’m an exhibitionist.  If you have any other questions on that, feel free to email or message me.


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