Business Planning for Butchtastic

I’ve been working a lot on my business plan lately and I’ve made some decisions.  I’m definitely going to engage someone to do a website design and work with me on social media and SEO strategy.  I’m definitely going to utilize Patreon to help finance the blog and related activities, as well as some reimbursement for the creative content I publish here.  I will have have multiple levels for monthly contributions, with incentives for each.

Along with the make-over and subscription model, I’m going to get regular about my posts here, with at least 4 per month.  I will be posting at least one new erotic story each month.  I will also bring back the Suburban Butch Dad Report as a regular monthly feature.  I will have one or two other regular features on a monthly or quarterly basis (hint: may involve video).  I’d also like to get more visual on a regular basis, so I may introduce a regular photo feature of some kind.

My initial financial goals are to cover the cost of hosting and registering this blog.  After that, some goals are: get paid for the creative work of writing erotica, finance attending one kink conference per year, cover membership to the Seattle Center for Sex Positive Culture, have funding for kink classes, new tools and toys that were found at love balls, etc.   The most challenging piece of this is coming up with a value for my writing.  Luckily, there are great resources around to help me with that.

The ideas I have for subscription levels are $5, $10, $50, $100 per month.  Each level would have a set of incentives, as with crowd-sourcing platforms.  I’m still working on incentives, some ideas are:  handwritten thank you notes, audio readings sent to patrons, some kind of Butchtastic swag, custom stories, recordings of me reading the patron’s favorite dirty story, custom printed chapbook with stories selected by the patron.

What incentives would you like to see and at what level?  Are there monthly or quarterly features that you would get particular joy in seeing?  What have you seen on other blogs or websites that you think would work here?

I’m really excited about all of this and I hope that once you see the changes, you’ll be excited with me.

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