Coming in June, 2016: Me and My Boi

Yesterday, I got email confirmation that an anthology of queer female erotica, Me and My Boi, will finally be published this June.  Due to one thing and another, it was on hold for about a year.  I’m excited about this because it will contain, What I’m Made Of.  To say I’m pretty excited is a big understatement. I’m thrilled.  I’m encouraged.  I’m looking forward to finding another anthology to submit my work to.  Well, actually, I have submitted another story to an anthology being published in the UK.  So I need to find the next anthology or magazine to submit my work to.  Heh.

Here’s a link to the Cleis Press page for Me and My Boi.  I hope you’ll consider putting it on your wish list and exploring not just my contribution, but all the other great stories Sacchi Green selected for the collection.


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