Taking a Drive with Daddy

Want to take a ride with Daddy, babygirl?  Yes?  I’m so glad, we’re going to have so much fun!  Please wear that dress I like so much.  We’re going to go for a drive to meet some of Daddy’s friends.  I’ll be over to pick you up soon.

That’s it, get in the car with me. Yes, I want you to sit on that pad.  Oh now, I can see you’re embarrassed, but there’s no reason for that.  I love the way you come like a dam breaking, over and over and over again.  Daddy likes it, baby.  And yes, baby, Daddy is going to make you come while we drive, you like that, right?  Uh huh, I thought so.

That’s it, lean your seat back a bit and hike your dress up for me… yeah, just like that.  What?  You’re worried other people will see?  Well, yes, I suppose that could happen. They might look down and see a girl who is being good for her Daddy, a good slutty girl just the way I like you to be.  Would you like that, baby?  I’ll take your smile and that squirm as a ‘yes’.

No, no.  Leave your panties on, I like the way it feels when I run my fingers just under the edge of the elastic.  It feels dirty and naughty, and I like that.  Yes, yes, your Daddy is dirty and naughty just like his babygirl. Lean over here and give me a kiss on the cheek, baby.  Good girl, now lie back and relax.

I’ll tell you something.  When I press against the fabric like this, I can feel you underneath.  I can feel all of you through the thin fabric and that’s super sexy.  I can feel your wetness, baby, your excitement.  This is exciting, isn’t it?  You seem to be turned on and also very nervous at the possibility people will see what we’re doing.

Here comes a big truck now.  If the driver looks down at the right moment, he’ll see your sweet thighs, open and exposed.  He’ll see your little girl panties and my hand, gently stroking you.  Yeah, that’s it, squirm under my hand, show me how much you love this, even though you’re also embarrassed. I just wish there was a way he could signal me if he was interested.  How would you like that, my little slut?  Oh yes, whimper for me, moan and press against my hand.  I know you, you’d love to lie down for him, wouldn’t you?

And what about her?  I know she looks like a suburban mom now, but imagine her in a vinyl catsuit, her hair up and a crop in her hand.  Oh yes, moan for me, moan at the vision of her popping your sweet ass with that crop while she slides her gloved hand all over your body.  Maybe I should make a little sign to put in the window, so they know who to call if they like what they see?

What’s that baby, you love me?  Oh sweetheart, Daddy loves you, too.  Yes, I know you and I know what you like and I know what a wet slut you are when you imagine having your holes well used.

Mmmmmm, yes, time to slide my fingers inside your panties, inside where your slippery folds guard your sensitive places.  Oh, that hard swollen clit.  It’s a small cock now, growing larger all the time thanks to testosterone.  I love to stroke it like this, sliding down and around and back up again. Oh, how you squirm and thrust and moan.  Yes, little love, you may come.  Do it now, come for your Daddy, come all over my hand. Yes… just like that baby.  You are such a good girl.  And, mmm, you taste so good.

Oh, is that right?  Your hole is aching to be filled? You need Daddy to fuck you, right now, driving down the freeway?  Mmmm… yes, open up for me, darling one.  I’ll slide my hand down your thigh and under the elastic to find your sweet, wet, slutty hole. One finger, then two.  That’s it, buck those sexy hips for me, fuck my fingers.  Yes, come while I stroke you on the inside.  That’s my good girl.  Oh yes! That is exactly why I had you sit on the pad.  I love the way you come so hard for me, love the way it gushes out. Keep your dress up, dear, mmmmm yes, let me see you.

Oh really? You need more?  Well, if I lean forward a bit, I can get three fingers in there and stretch you out a little.  Is that better, baby? Oh yeah, do it, girl, fuck my hand, make yourself come. That’s it, baby, yes.  Yes, just like that.  Such a good girl.


Alright, I need that hand back for some driving, baby, please play with yourself for me.  Yes, you can push your panties down a little bit.  Oh sweet girl, I love your sexy body.  I never get tired looking at you.  And I think the guy in the pickup truck next to us is enjoying the view as well.


Heh, yes, he did smile at me.  He’s a handsome guy, isn’t he?  Too bad he had to take that exit.  Ours is coming up, sweetheart.  Yes, we’re almost there.  No, you don’t need to do anything, just relax and keep your little cock hard for me.


Alright, here we are honey. Are you ready to meet my friends? I think you’ll like them.  They are all very nice handsome men and I know you’re going to be a very good girl for me tonight.


Oh, honey, are you upset that your panties are all wet now? Don’t worry about that, babygirl. Just take them all the way off and leave them here on the car.


That’s right.

You won’t be needing them.

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