Happy Anniversary, Red

Red and I spent the weekend together celebrating our anniversary (12/13/14).  One year ago today, we had our first date/sleepover/declaration of love.  Did we move pretty fast?  I suppose so, though the results completely validate our actions.  A year later, we’re still in love, we’re still having adventures together and we’re still growing in our relationship.

We spent the weekend talking and making love and enjoying food and sweet snuggles together.  We took some walks down memory lane, talked about some of the challenges we’ve had as a couple – relatively few, actually – and talked about the future.  We have a solid, amazing relationship and I’m very excited for the future with her in it.

We also talked about poly, always an interesting topic for us.  We talked about the things we feel we do well and what we can improve on.  We talked about hopes and dreams for the future of our polycule, which currently consists of me, her and my wife.  Our larger family is a combination of me, my wife and two kids, and her and her kid.  And the cats, all four of them. It’s important to us that we function as well as a polycule and family as we do as a couple.  We do a lot of thinking and talking about it.  Some of that thinking will turn into a larger conversation that includes my wife.  Because it’s important to both of us that the three of us can communicate openly in any combination and that we are working toward everyone being happy and fulfilled in our combined relationship.

Yes, it was our anniversary, and some of what we do and talk about is just for the two of us, but we exist in a larger context and that is never far from our thoughts and actions.

Happy Anniversary, Red.  Thank you for loving all of me, all my aspects and all my flavors.  Thank you for loving me and supporting my partnership with my wife.  Thank you for being encouraging and sweet and sometimes disciplinary – you have a knack for knowing what I need.  My partnership with you is one of the best relationships I’ve ever been in and I am grateful for you every day.  Love you, baby.

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