Dirty Compersion

I was sitting on her couch, petting the kitten, when she got home today.  She was bubbling with excitement, effervescent with it, gleaming and shimmering.  There are exciting people and exciting new things happening.  She starts telling me about them, and I’m grinning because she’s so excited and so happy that I can’t help but be happy with her.  Not just for her, with her because when she’s happy like this it rubs off on me too.

Yeah, rubbing… she sat on my lap, straddled me and started humping my package.  I clung to her, encouraged her, kissed her sexy mouth.  She rubbed herself to one climax and started on another, I pulled her against me, gripped her ass, pinched her nipples.  She got a look on her face – lust, need, animalistic passion.  I joined her on that round, pressing myself into her, grinding one out as she ground into me.

Our hips, our lips, pinching fingertips on tits. Again and again, she came on me, sometimes I came with her, sometimes I witnessed her passion with awe.  And love.  She is my favorite sexy show, every time. She came so hard, she soaked through her pants.  Then she came so hard she soaked into mine.  I didn’t care, what do clothes matter when you’re being humped by a force of nature?

She jumped up and pulled her pants and unders down.  She pulled on her cock – swollen, thick – until she squirted.  We were running out of time so she went to clean up; it was a quicky between work and home, otherwise we’d have kept going until we were unable to move.

Even so, as I went into the kitchen to perform my coffee service, she hiked a foot up on the counter and pulled my fingers into her cunt.  I fucked her to orgasm, then doubled my fingers and did it again. Bam, bam bam!  She leaned into me.  I held her up.  She wasn’t done by a long shot, but she was satisfied enough to pull away and get on with the evening.

Dirty Compersion:  the act of enjoying the joy your partner is having with others by having hot and dirty sex with her.

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