Getting Ready for ‘WriMo

There are 3 days left in October, counting today.  That means November is coming up quick and with it, NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month.

I am participating again this year, for the fourth time.  (May the Fourth be with me) I have an idea, some characters and a rough outline. This is not a continuation of my previous novel-in-progress, Guys Like Us.  It’s also not an erotic or especially queer novel.  It’s more in the SciFi/near future genre.

In the past, I’ve posted excerpts from my NaNoWriMo works in progress here.  This year, I’m not sure I will.  What do you think?  Want to read what I’m writing even if it’s not erotic?

This leads me to a larger question of what I want to use this blog for going forward.  I do still write erotica, however, I’m also leaning into other kinds of fiction and also essay writing.  I have been pondering the idea of other platforms, or maybe I just need to do a makeover here.  

Thoughts? Encouragement? Ideas?

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2 Responses to Getting Ready for ‘WriMo

  1. Bahstan-bred says:

    Hey, Handsome,
    I want to read what you write even if it’s your grocery list. I’d love excerpts, teasers, a paragraph, a sentence. Whether it’s erotica, or any genre at all, if it’s yours, it’s thereby worthy of the reading. (I may be the slightest bit biased, but I’m also certain I’m not the only one who is.) Please, by all means: continue. *expectantly waiting on writing*

    We both have completely legitimate biases for each other.. <3 K

  2. Julie says:

    Please keep writing for us! I love to stop by here and see what you are up to and that includes your writing of any flavor!!

    Thank you, Julie. I’ll keep at it 🙂

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