I belong to You

“Are you still at work?”

I picked up my phone and thumbed out the answer.

“Yep, still here until 5”

Not long after, another message popped up.

“I’m here, side door.”

I met her there, held the door open as she stepped through.

“You want the private room?”

She nodded yes so instead of heading to the right, toward my office, I turned to the left and led her down the hallway.

Opening the second single stall bathroom, I stepped through.  She came in close behind, closing and locking the door.  Before I could say or do anything else, she slammed me against the wall.  I looked into her eyes, she was all business.

With out a word, she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly, reaching behind my packy to find my hole.  I threw my arms around her neck and rode her hand for a moment or two, climaxing hard.  I almost sobbed when she pulled away.

Her eyes were hard, fierce, demanding. Words crowded my tongue and went unsaid.

She spun me around, pressing me face first against the beige wall panel.  I was filled with conflicting emotions.  There was the sexy rush of her forcefulness, the feeling of desire to be used, worry that I’d be too loud and summon ‘help’ from some well-meaning passerby.  She yanked my pants down and the back of my briefs, exposing my ass.

Ohfuckyes, I breathed.

She gave me one lick and she may have licked her fingers before forcing one – or was it two? – into my tight asshole. It wasn’t enough to lube my hole.  No, it wasn’t pleasant. It hurt, I felt dry and raw and she fucked me hard.  She called me a fag and a slut and asked me if I liked being fucked in the ass. “Yes!” I gasped. Did it feel good?  No.  Then why did I like it so much?  Why did I push back against her and take her in as deeply as I could, why did I squeeze on her fingers and come so hard it made my knees weak?

Why did I like it so much?  Because it was hot and exhilarating to be used that way.

I belong to you.

Did I say it out loud? I don’t know if I said it or if I just thought it loudly.

I belong to you.

Push me up against a wall and use me anyway you see fit because

I belong to you.

Treat me like the come-hungry whore I am because

I belong to you.

Tell me it’s for you and not for me because

I belong to you.

She washed up and told me she’d talk to me later before stepping out, leaving me there to pull up my pants and get out before someone else walked in.

I was in a daze, walking down the hallway toward my office.  My phone buzzed, it was her, checking in, asking if I needed a hug or anything.

I stepped back out the back door, feeling all blushy like some young thing on a first date.  She pulled me into her arms, her eyes were glowing with love and excitement.  She wanted to know if I’d liked it, was I alright.

“Oh, love, that was so hot” I gushed. “I love you so much!”

We kissed and held each other close.  I thanked her more than once, told her I loved her.  She kissed my face and told me how good and sexy and hot I was.  And that she loved me, oh my god, yes, I know baby, you love me so much.

Did I say it out loud?  I hope I did because I want her to know it, I want her to feel it to her marrow, I want her to remember it on the good days and the hard days. On all the days.

I belong to you.


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