Briefly About this Weekend

This weekend was amazing and I want to come back and tell you more about it and write stories and everything…

Switchy Witchy Woman hosted a dinner party on Saturday night, inviting myself as co-host and two guests, NeighborFemme and A, a trans guy.  SWW worked super hard to get her place spiffed up and prepare a wonderful meal.  I stopped by during the afternoon to help out with cleaning and deliver kisses.

Cocktails were at 5 and I arrived at the same time as our guests, guiding them up to the apartment. My sweetheart was doing final dinner prep and looking gorgeous, as always.  NF was a Lady in Red and A was handsome and spiffy.  I had my bright blue shirt and a tie that SWW got for me, featuring her favorite color, turquoise.  {you all, we have to remember to get a group picture next time, we’re a good looking group}

Dinner was amazing:  roast beef, fancy cut carrots, mashed potatoes and gravy and SWW’s amazing green bean casserole.

Between dinner and dessert, we’d planned a diversion.  I offered myself as a sort of party favor, an interactive live entertainment device.  To enable our host/ess and honored guests, I brought out a number of implements for use on my person. I also had a list of hard limits.. though not as well thought out as it should have been. {HELLO MINTY FRESHNESS!}

I want to tell you ALL ABOUT THAT, I do… and my time as an entertainment device deserves it’s own post.  So that’s how it will happen.

Drinks, dinner, dessert, live entertainment and charming, hilarious conversation. It was such a success we all agreed it should be the first in a series.  I love my sweetheart and I love our friends, it was a wonderful evening.

SWW and I continued to entertain each other after we said goodbye to our guests.  We did finally sleep, and sleep, and wake to make love again and sleep some more.  We had a lovely slow leisurely morning.  So slow that we missed the breakfast time at our restaurant of choice, ending up at the Reef where it’s always breakfast time.  We ate a pile of food (it was after lunch hour by then) and headed to Ocean Shores. We are great road trip companions, her and I.  Even the rain couldn’t slow our roll or dampen our good mood.  Once at the beach, we got right to work scandalizing the seagulls who could not stop staring.

After trying unsuccessfully to enjoy ourselves at a tacky lounge with crappy service, we headed toward home and found a bar in Hoquiam to watch the Seahawks’ game while imbibing adult beverages and noshing on nomables.  The waitress at that bar was awesome and enjoyable to look at.

We wrapped up with a nightcap of loving back at her apartment before I tucked her in and kissed her goodnight.

Thank you, my love, for a wonderful weekend.  As always, time with you is always a good time.


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