Got Some Needs? Give Miss Bee a Call

Have you ever solicited the services of a phone sex operator?  Ever wanted to?  Here’s your chance… it’s not cheap, but then, the good things never are.  Meet Miss Bee aka Neighbor Femme:

Well hello there Butchtastic readers!

I’m Miss Bee, some of you longer term readers may know me as Neighbor Femme.  I’ve been a phone sex operator for 8 years, and have recently changed companies.  I’m rebuilding my business with Niteflirt at Life Coaching and Real Talk. I’m running a special to build up my ratings – I specialize in domination, foot fetish, and gentle to heavy humiliation.  Really though, with 8 years under my cute belt, I’m great with a very wide range of things from talking about Trans* things to really delicious role plays.

The fun thing about phone is anything you talk about is confidential. Just between you and me.  Some people think of it as cheap therapy.

Anyway, the other thing I wanted to share is that I have a new blog for those that prefer to voyeur at

Happy July, and may the fireworks ever be lit in your bed!

~Kisses and bites~
Miss Bee


If you do give Miss Bee a call, make sure to say Kyle sent you 🙂

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