“I need him”

“I need him, yes, really I do.”

She’s motioned to a door I keep closed.  I narrow my eyes, wanting to believe her but not sure.  I keep that door closed for a reason.  I’ve only opened it once and the result wasn’t good.

She gets close, holds my face and looks into my eyes.

“I am telling you, I want all of you.  All. Of. You.  And the one behind that door?  I need him.  I know why you keep that door closed and I’m asking you to open it for me.

Trust me.”

I’ve pulled out my keys and I’m beginning the process of unlocking that door.  I can hear him behind it, whispering to me, whispering in that seductive way he has.  I tell her what he’s saying, I become his conduit again.  She gets eager, desire rolling off of her in waves of scented heat.  He talks to her through me and she swoons in my arms.

Just a few more locks and she’ll get what she needs.

The Bad Man is already leaning against the door.

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