Date Not Derailed by Bad Shrimp

I started feeling iffy on the way to her house.  Switchy Witchy Woman and I had a date this weekend, and not just a ‘going out for drinks’ kind of date, this was to be my first sleepover in her new apartment.  So even though I felt a little irpy and gassy, I wasn’t going to veer from my course directly to her door.

The off feeling continued and my antacid did nothing to ease the unease in my guts.  Ignoring the rising chorus of voices in my head telling me that all of this was a very, very bad idea, I drove us downtown.  We hadn’t decided on where to start our evening, so we walked around a bit and I pointed out some shops she hadn’t been too yet.  Showing her new things in Olympia is still one of my favorite activities, though there are less and less of them every day.  She’s a really good at exploring and she loves this town.

We decided on the QB (Quality Burrito) Lounge where she asked our bartender Ted for a somewhat fancy vodka drink while I ordered a Black Butte, one of my usuals.  At this point my tummy was trying really hard to get my attention but I was steadfastly ignoring it and telling it to relax and have a good time.  Yes, I was being very nonconsensual with my stomach.  The sad reality is, when your tummy isn’t having a good time, it’s hard to relax and get frisky and romantic and last night was no exception.  About half-way through my bottle, I knew I was done.  SWW paid our tab and drove me back to her place.  Bare minutes after we got in the door, I was heaving my guts out in her bathroom.

She offered to hold my hair which is sweet and hilarious considering I’ve not much hair to hold.

All told I threw up a couple of times and then curled up in a ball on her bed. She took wonderful care of me, she’s an excellent Big Spoon.  I felt better and after a few hours of sleep, I could tell that whatever it was that upset my stomach, it was gone.

It was very early in the morning when I woke up to pee and came back to bed feeling frisky.  I’d awaken from a bad dream to find myself in bed with a gorgeous woman.  That is always a good thing.

Also a good thing, I’d asked her before passing out, “If I wake up and I feel good and I…”

“Yes, you have consent.”


We got our sweet sexy love on and slept some more and woke up for more lovin’ and repeated that for a bit before hunger got us up for good.  She made waffles and bacon and excellent coffee with real cream.  I started slow, but it seemed the tummy storm had truly passed.

I got home in the early afternoon and my wife was getting ready to mow the lawn.  I told her about getting sick and she said she’d had a rough night with an aching belly, too, though without the same results.  After going over what we’d both eaten at the grad picnic we had attended that evening, we decided to blame the shrimp.

Thank you, SWW, for being the most excellent date a sick guy could ever have.  I love you infinitely.

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