Writing Updates…

Yes, I’m writing about writing.

Sometime this coming week, my debut column, ‘Gendering Outside the Lines’, will be published on SimplySxy, a web magazine featuring articles on Sex and Sexuality.  I’d never heard of them before they invited me to contribute on topics related to gender identity and transitioning.  There have been some trans* related posts there, but not much about gender identity and they don’t have a lot of presence from gender minorities.  I’m hoping to help change that.

I’ve had a couple of pieces post on elephant journal, another online magazine devoted to mindful living.  I have also had two rejected, though one of those came with some feedback and an invitation to resubmit.  I’m working on another piece for them, which I should be ready to submit soon.

My story about a young butch and a slightly older co-worker will be a part of the anthology, Me and My Boi, which is still slated to publish this September.  Fingers crossed.

And I am working on at least one, if not two, potential submissions for Best Lesbian Erotica 2016, which I’m feeling optimistic about.

Still in the works:  my e-book which has been put off many times.  I do have cover art for it now, and just need one final story to cap it off.  Maybe I’ll have time this coming week to think about that project.  We’ll see.

And my novel… sigh.  It’ll happen, when it happens, when other projects become less compelling, I suppose.  I just have to roll with it.

Finally, not a writing piece but a piece I was interviewed for:  Slate magazine writer Vanessa Vitiello Urquhart wrote a piece on Genderqueer identities (3/24/2015).  Check it out and if you’re brave, write a complementary comment.  Maybe we can get more articles out there on real life non-binary and genderqueer people.


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