Why Sex with You is So Good

I’ve told you before how fantastic sex is with you. I’ve seen you blush, heard you stammer, seen your shy but pleased smile.

“Why?” you ask. Is it true that you don’t know?  Please, love, let me tell you.

Sex with you is excellent not just because of the shape of your body, though it makes my knees weak every time I see you. Or think about seeing you. It’s not just because of the size of your hands, or the shape of your fingers or the way they move inside me – though I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a big part of it. Sex with you is amazing not just because of the firm softness of your lips and the way kissing you feels like falling into a pool of warm water that suspends me in time and makes me forget all thoughts or desires beyond the movement of my mouth against yours, sex with you is so good because of the sex toys we give use to.

Your physical attributes delight me, no doubt about it. The memory of a warm, bare stretch of your skin, surfacing during an otherwise tedious part of my workday, can render me nearly senseless with lust.

All of these things are wonderful and lustworthy and yet, they are only a part of what makes sex with you some of the best I’ve ever had..

What else is there, you wonder?

For sex to be amazing and mind-blowing for me, it has to revolve around a connection that goes beyond the physical. And the connection we have was remarkable from the very beginning and has only deepened since then.

Sex with you is amazing because it is not just a physical act, it is a passionate spiritual act of intentional connection. It’s looking into your eyes and seeing not just your soul, but the way your soul enjoys dancing with mine. You bring attention and empathy to every moment we are together. I feel it in the touch that knows me as well as I know myself. I see it in your eyes, see the way I am completely visible to you. You are fantastically aware and in tune with me, reading my body like the pages of a book you love so much you’ve read and reread it a thousand times. One glance from me, a sigh, hip thrust or the thickening of my flesh in response to your urgent touch, all these speak volumes to you who have made it a practice to know me well.

Sex with you is a wonderful act of communion and re-emergence. You never judge me for the way I need you to touch me, even when – especially when – I change my mind mid-act. You are flexible and compassionate and generous and unselfish.

Our bodies rut and thrash against each other. Sliding in sinuous sympathetic motion, grasp and release, enter and emerge. You take pleasure in my pleasure, I can see in your eyes the reflection of my passion. Making love with you is not a series of physical movements acted upon one of us by the other, it is a merging of our desires and delights. Our energies mingle on the atomic level and the logic of separate bodies is suspended.

Sometimes our fantastic sex uncovers awkward positions, the kind of humorous human moments left out of most love stories, our passionate love songs sometimes breaking into something best left for the cutting room floor. Through it all you never break away, we meet in the middle in laughter, celebrating our humanity and the ways in which these supposed imperfections solidify the divinity of our union.

You are passionate, generous, joyful, solid and kind, strong and gentle, hard and soft in the right measure. Our dance is the dance of equals, two strong individuals who bring many gifts and give them freely. Our lovemaking is the soaring, triumphant leap of earthbound beasts who’ve conquered gravity and sprouted angels wings. Sex with you is dirtysweet earthymagic that feels at once new and familiar in my marrow.

Though I have known you but a short time in this life, I have loved you forever. Sex with you is amazing because it is the reunion of our souls, so in love, so familiar, so eager to rediscover each other.

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