One More Sleep

My lover is moving to Olympia tomorrow.  She’ll be in a hotel room for two nights and then come to my house to care for our cats while my family and I are on vacation in Florida.

One more sleep.

I’ll spend tomorrow night with her, then back home to prepare for the trip.  I wish I could be here during her first week but feel good knowing that she’ll have a base camp while she finalizes her search for a new home base.

One more sleep and a spring break and then I will be back home.  And she will live here, in this town that I love and have not been able to leave for 51 years.  I’ll come back from vacation and she will be minutes away, rather than an hour and a half.  I’ll come back from vacation and we’ll start learning how to live in the same town.

It was my wife’s idea to invite her to stay at our house while we’re gone, and that says a lot.  My wife likes my lover, they get along, they like each other, they can hang out without me in the room.  This is a big deal.  This is a huge in terms of the three of us being in a functional poly-cule together.  I have so much love for them both and it’s a joy to watch their friendship developing.

She’s a part of my family now.  My children greet her with hugs and smiles and want to spend time with her.  My eldest, knowing that she is more than a friend, has told me she approves.  My Switchy Witchy Woman has met many of my very best friends and they all get along.  No, I’m not looking for the other shoe to fall because fuck that bullshit.  This is good and real and genuine and there aren’t any shoes hanging overhead.  This is working.

I do sometimes pinch myself though, I’ll admit it. I have never felt so little internal or external friction with poly since my wife and I started 7 years ago.  This is amazing, this is how it’s supposed to work.  (said with the recognition that for other people ‘how it’s supposed to work’ could look differently)

I am so happy and blessed.

I am so excited to have her here, in my town.  I’m excited to watch as she explores and discovers – with me and without.  And I’m super excited to see what she discovers that I had no clue about, because I fully believe that will happen.

One more sleep and the new adventure begins.

Almost, baby, almost.  Home is waiting for you.

One more sleep, lover.

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