I Feel Powerful

I feel powerful

Mmmm and I am purring at your powerful sexy wildness


Grrrrrrrrr. Aahhrrooooo!!
I feel you.
Your scent on the wind

The moon, cool air



Natural urges lead me to you

I smell you

Wild needs sated inside you

Not if i get to you first
My jaw, teeth, on your neck
Holding you down while i fuck you

We get each other

Fill me up

With all the power i have

Meet your need

Inside me

Make me your bitch

Breed me

Feel me
Feel my strength
Feel my power


All of it. In me. For me.

Only you are strong enough for all of me

I am

I give my strength to you

Take what you need

I don’t need your strength for myself

I need you to have it so i don’t burn you from the inside out

I’ve got it

bring your wildness,

your feral need,

your wanton strength,

your burning desire

I am the vessel to contain all of you

Yes yes yes yes

fill me with your fire, lover

let me feel your heat,

your teeth,

your nails

let me feel the passionate life that fills you

thrash around inside me,

I will hold you

A sexy interlude in the work day… brought to you by Kyle and Switchy Witchy Woman.

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