About My Lover…


I need to tell you about my lover.  There’s a lot to say, multiple blog posts worth for sure.  I’ll start with this:  I have never loved someone in such a clear-headed way before.

I’ve talked about being addicted to a lover, swept away, even bewitched.  Don’t get me wrong, those were some great love affairs, epic loves that I will always cherish.

So what’s different about this one?  I described it as ‘clear-headed’ because I don’t feel foggy or love-adled or drunk on love. I’m not worried that one morning I’ll wake up with a love hangover and wonder what the hell I was thinking.  She and I have come together as two independent people, responsible for our own monkeys, not dependent on each other for happiness, not needing the other person to change for us.

I don’t need her to be happy, but I’m definitely happier for her love in my life.

Every day she shows me another angle of herself and I fall more deeply in love.  Every day she proves that I can trust her with the most difficult truths and she shares hers with me as well.  There is an equality to what we are doing that lends itself to stability and balance.  And every day it gets better.

Happy third mensaversary, sweet pea 🙂

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