The Way She Sees Me

My new love, the one who seems most able to make love stay in a way that makes my heart sing and thump and shake it’s rump… she sees me.  This morning I sent her a picture of my morning face.  She said something about the bear fuzziness showing, and then realized it was shadow… at least to the biological eye.  To her true eye, it was foreshadowing… this is what she told me next:


I can see the hair, like an aura. The new hairs give off energy as they poke through. So, it’s already there… Just not that long.

I see YOU.

Your becoming and unfolding is…
Privileged that you share with ME
Like a sunrise
Like a sunset
Like crocus poking through the snow
Like bright red maple leaves before they’re all red
Like kittens with newly open eyes
Like children learning to walk, run, bike, drive, live
Like art
I just love you


Thank you, I love you, too… thank you for seeing me and loving me and for all the wonderful ways you show me how you feel, and also, thank you for being you, for owning your truth and being a force of love and truth in the world.

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