Butchtastic Social Media Update

In case you weren’t aware of Butchtastic’s social media presence, here’s a run down:

If you want to connect to me through Facebook, I have a personal blog page.  If you ‘Like’ my page, not only will I appreciate it, you’ll get notified when I post new entries here.

I have recently started a new tumblr, The Real Butchtastic.  Blog posts will be posted to my tumblr and I will also share other tumblr posts that turn me on in some way.  Additionally, I share Gay Like This with Roxy – though we haven’t updated it in quite some time, there are a lot of sexy pics there.

I still have a twitter account, ButchtasticKyle.  I don’t spend as much time there as I did, seven years ago.  But I stop in occasionally and this blog posts links there as well.

As always, I welcome respectful questions sent by anyone who is truly interested in my answer.  Wondering about my sex life?  Who I’m dating?  My family, my job, my hobbies, my transition?  Email me — Kyle at Butchtastic dot net.


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