Trans*date 01-10-2015: the Evolution of my Singing Voice

I recorded myself singing a couple of days ago, singing a song that I’ve been learning over the last month, Ball and Chain by Max Gomez. ¬†After I posted that recording to YouTube, I listened to the recording I did before my voice started changing due to testosterone… oh yeah, my voice has dropped a lot.. check it out



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3 Responses to Trans*date 01-10-2015: the Evolution of my Singing Voice

  1. TJU says:

    What a manly voice! Do you have a dick yet, dude?

    Thank you for the complement. I understand your curiosity, but that’s a very personal question to ask. I’m doing just fine in the dick department, have a whole bag of them in fact – K

  2. TJU says:

    Literally, laughing out loud.

  3. Louise (aka Sexaholicbbw) says:

    Hey Kyle

    Recently ‘rediscovered’ your blog – we chatted a little a few years back on Twitter!) and just had to say what a beautiful voice you have! I could listen to it for ages. Please do more ..!

    Hugs, Lou x

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