Trans*date 01.07.2015: Noticeable

{left a voice message inviting Neighbor Femme to a pie date, we haven’t seen each other in a few months}
{she texted back} Omg, your voice!
{me} Did you have to do a double-take?
{she} I didn’t believe it was you until you said pie date
{me} I should have said, ‘this is Kyle’
{she} my phone said it was, I am amazed!

I am grinning so big today, I love reconnecting with people like that, people who aren’t seeing me everyday.  The people who see me all the time have that same sense of changes blurring together that parents do watching their kids grow.  It’s not noticeable until we see that their pants have inexplicably gotten too short.

Other things happening related to transition… I’m using men’s rooms in public now, where ever possible.  The other night, at a bar in town, I used the men’s room with it’s non flushing toilet once, and used the women’s both times after that.  On my way to Portland last weekend, I stopped at a rest area and after some internal debate, decided to use the women’s.  Getting stared at as I walked to a stall had me second guessing the decision.  It was full daylight, I should have just used the men’s.  So with few exceptions, I’ve switched.  I haven’t gotten any grief in men’s rooms so far.  I still get a little anxious but it’s getting less stressful with practice.

Hair on my chest and belly.  The chest hairs increase little by little and my belly hairs are getting denser and darker.  Also, my belly shape has changed.  It’s not spread across my middle like it used to be, it’s concentrated in the front more now.  It’s really noticeable when I bind (which is most of the time when I leave the house) because my belly is more visible to me when I look down.

I am at 6 months and now taking what will likely be the dose I will stay with.  I am super happy I decided to do this.

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