Would You Buy an eBook of My Stories?

I’ve been working on an eBook for a while, a collection of stories that have appeared here, plus some extras that were published elsewhere or have not appeared anywhere yet. So far it’s 128 pages long. I would like to charge a little for it, using the proceeds to go toward my web hosting costs. The question is.. how much should I charge?

I’m thinking somewhere in the $2.99 to $4.99 range… but I’m curious what you’d pay to have some of my best, most popular stories on your Kindle or other eBook device.

The title is Everything She’s Asked For and the cover will feature a photo from the recent shoot with EvoĆ«.

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One Response to Would You Buy an eBook of My Stories?

  1. CK says:

    Hell yes. You had to ask? I’m in the $9.99 camp for full-length novels. Many disagree with me, including some authors. It’s hard to price yourself, especially in the beginning. Pricing communicates value. If you sell too low, it’s perceived as bargain basement goods. If you price high, make sure the quality standards are high. This means editing, layout, cover, etc in addition to writing.

    Yes, I agree that pricing conveys value and yes, I’m having a hard time because it’s the first time. You’re thinking $9.99 for a full-length novel, and I’d pay that for an author I knew or was highly recommended to me. I’d pay more in fact. But I’m a relative unknown, and this is an anthology. So is $9.99 reasonable? I guess I can start with one price and always run sales or drop the price at a later time – K

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