Last Kiss

What is it about last kisses? Is it better to know what they are when they happen? Or to not know at the time? What do you think?

The two times I’ve known I was having last kisses with someone I loved, the feeling was like a ice cream swirl cone… a mixture of the passion you’ve always felt for that person and the impending sadness of parting. It’s kissing through tears.  It’s that familiar warmth and the oncoming chill absence. It’s a rich blend, like dark chocolate and hot peppers – the combination of which is something entirely it’s own, containing but exceeding the individual ingredients.

Kissing through the tears, knowing it’s the last time, it’s hard to know when to stop, when to seal her lips one last time with the love I feel for her.  But eventually, you do stop and you pull away and look her in the eyes and feel the love and the loss in every cell of your body.

Love and loss

Kissing through tears

Loving to the end

Walking away

Resisting the urge to turn around and run back for one more kiss


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