#NaNoWriMo2014, handsome boy

[excerpt from day 27 of my NaNoWriMo2014 experience]

I came back to the table with my beer and her cocktail, setting hers down before moving to sit across from her.

“Uh… what do you think you’re doing, mister?” She lifted an eyebrow and patted the bench seat next to her. “Come over here and sit next to me. I promise I won’t bite… unless you ask nicely.”

Her directness was exciting but it also triggered my shyness. Biting my lip, I sat down as asked and she put her hand on my thigh.

“Alright, Buddy, now we can talk to each other without shouting.” It wasn’t that loud in the bar, but I knew that wasn’t the real reason she wanted me sitting next to her. She took a sip of her drink and I watched as her perfectly manicured hand lifted the tumbler to her perfectly colored lips. I was fascinated, turned on and intimidated. I felt very small suddenly and totally out of my league.

“You look very nice, um, your fingernails.. what’s that color called?” I knew something about the importance of fingernail polish choices from my drag queen friends and it seemed like a safe topic of conversation.

“Oh, aren’t you adorable.” She slid her hand up my thigh until it rested in the hip crease and squeezed. It was as if a bolt of electricity had connected from her fingers to my clit. I stiffened and shifted in my seat.

“How old are you, Buddy? Twenty one? No more than twenty five, I’d guess.”

I was twenty-two at the time and when I told her, she beamed, “I’m pretty good at guessing ages. How old do you think I am?”

I actually felt a stab of cold in my belly, because I had been told, on numerous occasions, that many women were sensitive about their ages. A conversation I’d had with Maxine flashed through my mind. She’d told me that it was better to guess low, rather than high. This whole thing made me nervous as hell.


I worked very hard not to look down at the table, her gaze was intense but I willed myself to return it. The heat between us was growing, there was no doubt about it. She leaned forward slightly, fingertips lightly caressing the hairs on my temple. I knew exactly what I wanted to do at that moment but felt paralyzed. Maybe she could read my mind, her other hand squeezed my thigh as she continued to look intently at me.

“I’d really like to kiss you right now…” My voice sounded husky, slightly hoarse.

She didn’t say anything but lifted her chin slightly and slid her fingers around to the back of my neck. I leaned in to kiss her, lightly, then pulled back to check her reaction. The look in her eyes was unmistakable, as was the pressure of her fingers on the nape of my neck. She pulled me back in close and we kissed more deeply. I’m not sure how much time went by before we came up for air. I was not aware of anything around me, only the softness of her lips and the insistence of her tongue.

We might not have stopped if Shorty hadn’t stopped at our table and made an attempt to get our attention.


“Not here, I want you in my bed, sexy butch.”

I followed her to a small, tidy bedroom dominated by a king-sized bed with a wrought iron frame. All the haste of the doorway turned into a slow seductive dance as she first removed my clothes and then I removed hers. She was a knockout in clothing and out. I reached for her waist, pulling her against me for a kiss. I lifted her up and onto her bed and followed.

All the nervousness, blushing and shy stuttering of the early part of our evening was gone. I was in bed with a beautiful, eagerly turned on woman. I knew what to do now.

We explored each other with our hands and mouths.  I wrapped my arms around her and dipped down to lap at her nipple. She sighed and pressed herself into my mouth.  I slid my thigh between her legs and she began thrusting against me.  I ran my thigh up and down against her warm wetness and we found our rhythm.  I was using my teeth to pull at her nipples, her fingernails were digging into my back.

“Buddy, I need you inside me.  Fuck me, Buddy, please!” Her urgency made me growl.

I shifted my body to the side slightly and worked my hand down her body.  Her skin was soft, amazingly soft, and I pressed my face against her belly as I entered her.  Sweet goddess, she felt so good.  She was warm and velvety and so wet for me.  I started slow, learning what made her feel good and what made her feel even better.  She was wonderfully communicative, cooing and moaning, grabbing my hair when I had done something exceptionally good.  My back stung from the scratches her perfectly manicured nails had dug into into my skin.

She’d come a few times and I was stroking her into another climax, my fingers deep inside her and my thumb circling her clit.  She pulled me up for a kiss, deep and intense, then broke our lip lock to catch her breath.

“Oh, my god, I’m going… to… Ahhhhhh, come again!”

After that, she pushed my hand away.  “I need a break, stud.”

I grinned, feeling cocky and high.  Why had I stayed away from sex so long?  I couldn’t think of any good reason why in that moment.

She took a moment to catch her breath, then stretched out like a cat.  Popping up on an elbow, she reached out to touch my chest, swirling her fingers around my nipples, making me gasp.  I was so sensitive, it had been so long.

“You are a beautiful boy, Buddy.  Do you mind that I call you that, a ‘boy’”? She was practically purring, running her fingers up and down my body, pausing between my legs but not for long.  She was building up the intensity until I was gasping and writhing.  Her question hovered in my mind, but I had more important things to pay attention to.

Her fingers began to strum against my clit like a guitar string.  And I sang, oh, how I sang for her.  It was amazing, the way she touched me.  I think I might have levitated.  Afterward, I was limp and sweaty and giggling.  She looked at me, amused.

“Well, look at you, sweet boy… do you feel good, honey?” She pulled a blanket over us and snuggled up against my chest.

“Oh my god, I feel sooooo good.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never felt this good in my life.”  I stretched out, yawning.  My voice was sleepy as I continued, “Thank you, Andrea.. that was amazing.”

“Buddy, you sound very sleepy… would you like to stay the night, baby?” She sounded pretty sleepy, too.  “Do you have to work in the morning?”

Yawning again, I mumbled, “Mmmm yes please… I don’t have to work until noon.”

“Ahhh retail hours..” Her lips found mine and softly kissed me goodnight.


I walked into work still grinning. Val took one look at me and whistled, “Well, now, I do not think I have ever seen a smile that big on your face, Buddy. Either you found a million dollars on the sidewalk, or you got laid last night.”

I blushed and kind of stammered and she practically shouted, “Ah ha!”

“Oh my god, Buddy, who was it? Where did you meet her?”

I told her some of it, but not all of it. I wanted to keep some of it to myself, at least for a while. I daydreamed my way through the day, remembering the way her hands moved across my body. I kept having to go to the bathroom to wipe away the wetness those memories produced.

I went home that night and checked my answering machine. Nothing. Oh well, I thought, she’ll call me, or she won’t, no reason to get too hung up on it.

Not that I could stop thinking about her. I stroked myself to orgasm three times that night, thinking about her. She didn’t call me the next day either, or the one after that. I started to think that maybe, despite being such a handsome boy and so good in bed, maybe I was just another handsome boy and she had plenty of them.

I was talking to Shorty about it, admitting that I was a little bummed when he got a surprised look on his face, staring at the door.

“Well, Buddy, seems like it’s your lucky day… look who just walked in.” He smiled and nodded to someone behind me and I swung around and there was Andrea. In a sweet blue dress that emphasized her curves. I stood up and she walked over, leaned against me and delivered a passionate kiss.

“Hey handsome, you miss me?”

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