#NaNoWriMo2014 Day 26, Charming

I arrived at Andrea’s apartment building about ten minutes early.  I double checked the address, thought about buzzing her early but talked myself out of it.  I didn’t want to appear too eager.  I walked about a half block down and leaned against the wall of the convenience store next door.  I tried to get myself interested in people watching but my eyes kept drifting back to her building. I looked up, counting floors.  Her place was 404. I had no idea if that meant it was a front apartment or one in the rear.

Five minutes until I was supposed to buzz her and it felt like 20 minutes had passed already.  I turned around to read the notices on the bulletin board, but there was nothing that I hadn’t already read, twice.  Two minutes.  OK, now I could go to the door.  I stared at my watch, tick tick tick, the second hand was certainly taking its time.  OK, finally.  I punched in the numbers, heart hammering in my chest.  What if my watch was running fast?  Or if I’d misremembered her apartment number?

The door buzzed and I pulled it open.  I started off down the hall and was several steps in before I realized that I’d already passed the elevator.  Yeah, it had an elevator, which automatically made it one of the nicer apartment buildings in the area.  I knew this because I’d been living on the fifth floor of a walk up for several months now and though I appreciated my increased lung capacity and hard calf muscles, I would trade it for an elevator ride in a split second. If I could afford it.

Heart now pounding at a reckless pace, I was soon at her door.  Hers was a rear facing apartment, which meant all the staring I’d been doing from the front side of the building had been at other people’s windows. I was actually relieved hers wasn’t the apartment that apparently had 5 cats living in it.

I knocked, firmly but not too hard and not too fast. Confident knocking, that’s what I was trying to do.  Project confidence, fake it til you make it.  As I waited for her to come to the door, I realized my mouth was as dry as a cardboard box and I felt a surge of panic that I wouldn’t be able to speak.

I was trying to generate saliva in my mouth so I could swallow, when the door opened.  I stood for what felt like a full minute with my mouth hanging open.  She had piled her hair up and her face was made up more and was wearing a dress that hugged her curves like a Maserati.

“Speechless, huh?  Well, aren’t you charming.  Come in for a moment, I’m not quite done getting ready.”

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