Heartbreak Between Friends

Heartbreak can happen between friends, too.

There are a lot of songs and about the heartbreak that can result between lovers.  There aren’t a lot of songs or stories or movies (that I know of) about heartbreak between friends.

I’m feeling it today, the sudden distance between myself and someone I love dearly, someone who’s more than a friend, they are family.

I miss you, brother.  I hope you decide to come back soon.

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One Response to Heartbreak Between Friends

  1. Not to get too geeky with you, but as a person who appreciates dance, have you seen : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCF0zvfZJYQ
    I always think of this when I think of friendship gone wrong

    Thank you. and to clarify, I don’t think the friendship has gone wrong, but it’s met a new challenge. I believe love conquers all if we allow it. K

    wow! that is a powerful video, thank you for sharing. My hope is that when I reach out for my brother, they will reach back. K

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