Swimming in the Deep End

My girlfriend, Oregon Girl, has a blog called Swimming in the Deep End. She’s smart and clever and writes insightful posts and sexy posts and poetry like this:

real love
tastes like freedom
uncaged and limitless
smells like petrichor
earthy and ancient

I encourage you to check it out 🙂

The title of her blog encapsulates her philosophy:  don’t be shallow when you can be deep.  Don’t waste your time doing things that don’t feed you, life is short and you should always be doing your best to get the best from life.

I couldn’t agree with her more.  Love, and life, are best served deep.

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One Response to Swimming in the Deep End

  1. OregonGirl says:

    Thank you 🙂 You are also smart and clever and I love that you can distinguish between the two. I love that you swim in the deep end with me.

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