Sexy Fun with a Friend

A few months ago, I was chatting with my friend Evoë about some pictures she’d taken with another friend and I said, hey, we should do a photo shoot sometime.  I figured either she could use her picture taking prowess on me or we could do something together.

That idea brewed for a while until she texted me not long ago with this proposition:  She invited me to a hotel room in downtown Olympia to take pictures.  She and Harold would be there and she had an idea for a fantasy sequence starring her and I.

That morning I put on a nice shirt and a tie and pulled my bomber jacket on to ward off the chill.  I hung out with the two of them for a couple of hours and the results are posted to Evoë’s blog, My Whole Sex Life, in two installments.  The first, Room Service, is that fantasy sequence she envisioned.  The second, Authenticity, includes shots of us talking, getting silly, being sweet.

Evoë and I have been friends since we met in 2011 at a SEAF where we were reading the erotic stories we’d written as a part of the Literary portion of that event.  We’ve flirted, had serious conversations and supported each other through really hard personal times.  It was nice to have some time for lightheartedness, playing sexy and feeling sweet.  Thank you, both of you.

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