Trans*date 09.24.2014: T Shot Day

I’m into my 4th month of taking testosterone.  Today I took my second shot at a higher dose, my first step up after 3 months at my initial dose.  It’s still not a high dose, but I like having some control over the step up of this…

Lining up my second dose of month 4.  I’m up to .4 ml or about 40% of a full dose.


I still sometimes nick a vein, but Dora’s good for patching me up.


So what’s changed in 4 months?  My voice has dropped from a low alto to a tenor and I love it.  It buzzes in my chest when I’m speaking in my lower register and I’m learning to sing with it as well.  I’m getting good reviews on both my speaking and singing voice.

Hair growth is coming along slowly.  My mustache is coming in thicker and darker, growing faster than it did before T.  My chin beard, already present before T, is getting darker.  And there is increased growth in the peach fuzz along my jaw line.  It’s hard to tell yet, but I may be starting to get some chest hair and belly hair growth.

10521653_824447820922498_8810506472053056569_nNow about the ‘other growth’ that some people have asked about… yeah, there is some.  If you don’t know, testosterone added to bodies with clitorises results in those body parts growing in girth and length and becoming penis-like.  So far I have gotten thicker, maybe a little longer (as reported by my girlfriend).  What I can feel is more thickness and a kind of knot in it, which a knowledgeable friend (Neighbor Femme) says it’s my new cockhead.  It’s all very exciting and new and *omg* sensitive to the point of painfulness sometimes.  I know now about ‘morning wood’ and sudden onset horniness in a whole new way.  But no, no pictures… you can find those elsewhere 😉

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3 Responses to Trans*date 09.24.2014: T Shot Day

  1. Master Wolf says:

    LOL… so the morning wood thing was somewhat of a surprise to me when I started taking low doses of T in 2007. That phenomenon DOES seem to dissipate after a year or so. (I am still only at .5 cc every 10 days).

    As for body hair on lower doses, I suspect that is all genetic. I have peach fuzz on my belly and chest, but no real hair. Even on my arms there is negligible hair. My face… well I have to shave daily, but I let it all grow for a month and I still ‘have holes’ where there is no hair in the middle of my chin and a couple of other places.

    Enjoy all the changes!

  2. That Oregon girl says:

    You seemed to have plenty of sudden onset horniness before you increased your dose, lover 😉 At least around me anyway.

    Morning wood…who needs breakfast anyway?

    yeahhhhh… it’s true that I am plenty horny around you regardless of what I am injecting. It’s also true that breakfast is just as tasty when delayed by 2 hours, or more. Love you, sexy girl… K

  3. Susan Craigie says:

    Where are you injecting to nick a vein? Asses are the best receptacle – in my 12 years of being a co-injector (femme cis gendered opinion). My Mister does the week on his left handed side, I do the alternate week on his sweet right butt cheek. Plus – just sayin’ – in early transition, it’s best to shave the fuzz even if it thrills you beyond words (more femme cis gendered opinion).

    Well, I’m on my own with doing the injections and I guess I don’t trust myself to reach around my backside with both hands to do it, so I’m using my thigh. But it’s cool that you help him out 🙂 K

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