Show me, Daddy

[this is a story about role-play involving consenting adults]

I’m sitting on the couch, reading the paper.  My girl is in the bedroom, getting ready.  We’re about to try something new, something we hope will be hot.

She comes in dressed in a classic private school girl’s uniform.  I can already feel the heat rising in me and all she’s done is walk into the room. I keep my gaze resolutely on the paper, but I can only pretend to read.  She’s standing quietly, hands behind her back, waiting patiently for my attention.  I want to grab her and pull her onto my lap without ceremony, but I know she wants more than that.  Well, we both do.  I push my impatience down and stare sightlessly at the newsprint for another moment.  She shifts her feet, and out of the corner of my eye I can see that she’s staring intently at me, willing me to give her my attention.

I wait another thirty seconds, just to increase the tension, then carefully fold the paper and set it aside.

“Yes, dear?  Do you need something?” My eyes take in every detail of her, lingering on her hemline, cleavage, neck, lips, finally her eyes.  The eyes that bewitch and entrance me every single time I look into them.  I get lost for a moment and see the corner of her mouth twitch.  She’s pleased with herself, and she should be, she’s so gorgeous.  I let her know how turned on I am by adjusting the crotch of my pants slightly.  I’m wearing a short sleeved button-down Dad shirt with pants we got from the thrift store and that I would never wear otherwise.

“Yes, Daddy, I… can I talk to you about my day?”  Her lips make a bow shape and her eyes are big, she bounces a little on the balls of her saddle shoe clad feet and my eyes are glued to the way she bounces under her white blouse.

Clearing my throat, I lean back, “Of course, sweetheart, come here and sit on my lap. Tell me all about your day.”

She settles onto my lap, and I stifle a groan as she presses against my cock.  I wrap one arm around her waist and hip and rest one hand on a knee, fingertips resting on the top of her thigh. She reacts to my touch every so slightly but I feel the subtle shudder and see her lips part as she pants faintly.  She’s as keyed up and turned on as I am.

“Alright then, how was your day?”

“Well, it was OK I guess”, she pouts.  She looks at me from under her lashes.

“What happened, baby?”  My hand moves slightly further up her thigh, fingertips stroking lightly.

Fingertip in her mouth, sucking on it, I realize I’m clenching my jaw at the thought of her mouth on me.

“Well, Daddy, the boys at school were mean to me today.”

I straighten up, who’s being mean to my little girl?

“Tell me what happened, honey.  Who was being mean?”

“Some of the boys, mostly Jeremy.  They were teasing me.”

The hand holding her hip digs in lightly, pulling her closer.  She wraps her arms around me, resting her forehead against my temple.

“What were they teasing you about?” My brow is wrinkled, I’m not sure what she’ll say, we only planned the broad outlines.

“They said I wasn’t a big girl, they said I was just a little girl and I would never be a big girl.. and … um.”  She stopped and looked at me with big eyes, lip quivering.

I raise my eyebrows, she’s gonna make me work for it.  “What, baby?  You know you can tell Daddy anything.  Anything.”

My fingernails trail lightly across her inner thigh.  My hand has been moving up slowly and is now an inch under her skirt.  She gasps and squeezes me.  I give her a moment to catch her breath.

“Alright now, baby, tell Daddy what happened, all of it.”  My voice is filled with honey and authority, my fingers continue to work their way up under her skirt.

She sniffs, sits up and lifts her chin.  “OK, Daddy.  I will.”

“We were playing at recess and Jeremy and Michael said they wanted to play boyfriends and girlfriends and they asked Sarah and they didn’t ask me they said they needed to find someone else.  I said I wanted to play, too, but they said I couldn’t, that I was just a little girl and I had to be a big girl to play with them.”

I believe I should get a medal for not smiling myself into a cramp over her portrayal of the little girl who desperately wanted to be big.  Damn, she’s good.

“I’m sorry they hurt your feelings, baby, it wasn’t very nice of them.  Now… ” Putting a bit more stern Daddy into my voice, “What kind of game is ‘boyfriends and girlfriends’, anyway?”

I can feel myself sliding into the part, stern Daddy usually does it for me, helps me leave the lover/boyfriend role behind.  Stern Daddy fills me up and takes over.

“Um, well… Daddy, if I tell you, will I get in trouble?”

“At this point, missy, you will be in trouble if you don’t tell me, so you choose.”  My voice is a little harder now, my face stern and authoritative.  A little shiver runs through her as my energy connects with hers, her eyelids are half closed.  We’re both in it now, time to play.

Her voice quivers slightly and my groin tightens, “Well, we pretend we are boyfriends and girlfriends and so we go on pretend dates and kiss and… stuff.”

“Kisses, or pretend kisses?”

“Um.. kisses on the mouth, Daddy.  They say that’s how big girls kiss, and Daddy, I want to be a big girl.”

I lean back and ask in a gruff voice, “So you’ve kissed these boys on the mouth, is that what you’re saying?”

“No, no, Daddy, not yet” she’s flustered, I give her a quirk at the corner of my mouth to let her know I’m enjoying her.  It’s easy to get lost in this play and forget who we are.

My fingers are massaging her inner thigh, still inches from her panties but close enough to feel her heat.  “Not yet?  So you plan on kissing them?”

“Well, I want to but they say I can’t because I’m not a big girl, and I am a big girl, Daddy, you’ve told me I am but when I try to tell them they just laugh at me.”  She’s so connected with her character, her eyes have gotten wet.  I’m betting her panties are, too.

Hmmm, how do I play this?   I could come down on her for wanting to kiss boys and … stuff.  Or I could be the best Daddy ever and show her how to be a big girl.

Guess which I chose.

“So baby, what can I do to help you?  Do you want me to tell the teacher about those boys teasing you, or would you rather … ” I paused, loving the build up and waiting to see what she said to me with her eyes.  Her eyes went from innocent to crafty for about a second, but I saw it.  She put her fingertip back into her mouth, sucking it coyly.  Clearly, she’d rather.

“Or would you rather I show you how to do big girl things, the kinds of things big girls do with their boyfriends?”

She fought to stifle her grin, she’d probably been wondering how I was going to twist the story line and clearly, she was pleased with the direction I was taking it.  She pulled in close, hands on the back of my neck.

“Yes, Daddy” she purred, momentarily dropping the facade, “Please show me what big girls do with their boyfriends.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Well, we should start with kissing, I suppose.  How do you think girlfriends kiss their boyfriends?”

Oh, the shy look, damn, I shift in my seat, feeling even harder than I already did.  I want to take her right now but that wouldn’t be fair, we need to play this one out, all the way.

“Um, like this?” she leans forward and gives me a dry peck on the lips.

“Mmmm.. that’s nice, but that’s not how boyfriends and girlfriends kiss.  If I were your boyfriend and you were my girlfriend, we’d kiss like this.”  My hand leaves her thigh and reaches around to cradle the back of her head.  I pull her close and kiss her, lightly at first, then sliding my tongue into her mouth, deeply.  She moans and her hands squeeze my shoulders, grip the hair on the back of  my head.  I break away gently and look at her.

She catches her breath, “Oh, Daddy.  Is that really how boyfriends kiss their girlfriends?  I really liked that Daddy, can we do it again?”

I chuckle softly and pull her in for another, this time she reciprocates more, boldly sucking my tongue and using her teeth on my lips.  The heat between us could fry eggs.

“Well, honey, you learn very quickly.”

“Really, Daddy?  Did I do a good job?  Do I kiss like a big girl?”

“Oh yes, sweetie, you really do.”  Her eyes are dancing, she can feel in my hands and my gaze how hot I am for her.  “But you know, those boys at your school won’t kiss you like that.”

That pouty lip again, begging for me to bite it.  “Why Daddy?  Why won’t they kiss me like that?”

“Because they don’t know how yet” I pulled her in for another long, hard tongue-dancing kiss.

Gasping for breath, she takes a moment to recompose herself.

“You know, babygirl, there are other things that boyfriends and girlfriends do besides kissing”  I raised my eyebrow and leered.  She blushed and looked down shyly.  Gorgeous.

“Like what, Daddy?”

“Well, sometimes they hold hands, or the boy might put his arm around the girl’s shoulders.”

“What about the girl putting her arm around him?” My sassy femme, I love it.

“Yes, honey that, too.  But there are other things they do, things you might not be ready for.”  I let that hang in the air, a challenge, a request, a reminder of how far this game can go.

“Oh Daddy, I’m a big girl now, I can do the things girlfriends do with boys!” Defiant, eyes flashing, struggling to keep the grin off her face, trying to be serious. “Daddy, will you show me the other things they do?  Please, show me, Daddy.”

Oh, my sweet girl, my gorgeous lover, I would be happy to show you.

“I don’t know, baby, not sure you’re ready for this kind of big girl stuff.”

“Please, Daddy, please!  Show me, Daddy, puhleeeasse!” Pouty lip, fingers digging into my shoulder, squirming on my lap, pressing her ass into my groin. Playing hardball, this one is.

“Alright, alright.  You’ve asked nicely, so I will show you what boyfriends and girlfriends do together.  It has to do with touching each other… in private areas.  What do you think about that?”

Her chest is heaving, I can imagine what’s flashing through her mind and it’s turning me on even more. “I, uh, well, but Daddy, is that… is that OK?  You told me that I shouldn’t let anyone touch me there.”

Playing hardball, nicely done.

“Well, that’s true most of the time but as you get to be a bigger and bigger girl and have boyfriends that is what you’ll want to do.  It’s natural to want it and it feels good.  But you should not let just anyone touch you there, you should make sure you know them very well first.”  I’m fumbling a bit, wanting to hurry this along, wanting to touch her wetness, kiss her sweet body.

She doesn’t seem to mind that I’ve blown ‘sex education and consent for minors’ in a big way, after all, we’re playing Daddy and girl, so we both know where this is heading.

She smiles sweetly but her eyes communicate lust and need, “Daddy, it’s OK if you touch me like that then, because I know you really well.”

Her voice purrs and she runs her fingertips from my shoulder down my chest, coming to a stop on my belly.  Huh, who’s seducing who here?

“Mmmmhmmm, yes we do know each other”  I let a little of the lover speak to her through my look, the lover who has been holding back from ravishing her, then slip back to Daddy.  “Well, a boyfriend would probably touch you here.”  Cupping her breasts, squeezing lightly and I run my index finger around her nipple.  Her breathing becomes rough, her eyes half closed.  I can feel more heat coming from her now, but it’s not just physical, it’s the connection we have tugging on me from below my naval.  I lean in to kiss her, slowly, languidly, while stroking, squeezing and tweaking her breasts.  Her nipples are erect and her hips are undulating slowly, calling to me.  I release one, then two buttons and reach into her bra, lifting out her gorgeous breast.  I hold her for a moment, giving her a long, deep look and then dip down, taking her nipple into my mouth.

Her hands go to the back of my head, pulling me in, holding onto me.  I’m pushing her to the edge, using my tongue and teeth to torment her.  “Oh, god, oh, baby.. Daddy, ohhhh… ”   First one then the other, taking my time, lingering, loving the texture of her skin against my tongue, slurping and sucking until her nipples stand out like twin erections.

“Does that feel nice, baby?” My voice is husky and soft in her ear.  She nods, momentarily robbed of speech.  “It feels nice for me, too.  A boyfriend would probably also touch you between your legs, would you like Daddy to touch you there, baby?”

It takes a moment for that to sink in and then she comes back to the present from wherever she’s gone.  Her lips are slightly parted and she’s looking at me with an expression that is not childlike at all.  “Yes, Daddy, please I like it when you touch me, I want to feel good all over.”

Stifling the growl I can feel building up from my belly, I slide my hand from her knee until my fingertips are touching the elastic of her panties. Her breath catches, eyes big.  Now that I’m so close to her heat, it’s harder to keep up the dialogue.  Well, actions speak louder than words anyway.

I let my fingertips graze her, and she gasps, convulsing.  The slow steady build up has resulted in super sensitivity.   I continue to touch her, softly stroking her with the back of one knuckle, up and down.  She’s soaked her panties through.

“Daddy… oh, Daddy.. that’s.. ohhhh….” moaning and breathing hard, she’s leaning back against my arm, wrapped around her shoulders.  I pull her more firmly against me.

“That feels good, doesn’t it, baby?  I can tell you like it because your panties are all wet.” Her eyelids fly open, alarmed, has she done something wrong?

“It’s OK baby, you didn’t do anything wrong, this is what happens when girls get excited.  You are excited, aren’t you baby? You like the way Daddy’s touching you, don’t you?”

She wets her lips, “Yes, Daddy, yes, I like it a lot, please don’t stop, please do it more.”  My girl wraps her arms around my shoulders and presses her face into my chest.  I kiss her head and press a knuckle against her clit.  She moans and pushes herself against my hand.  Soon, I’m pulling back the elastic and touching her directly.  She’s so wet, so ready for me.  I’m holding her tight, trying to keep her in place as she begins to let go into the pleasure.  I lift her head up so I can kiss her neck, breath into her ear, bite her just below the jaw line.

“Daddy, Daddy, please, I need it.. please, Daddy!”

“Oh, what is it that you need, darling girl?  What is it you think comes next?”

“Daddy, I feel all tingly and it feels good but it also feels… like I need something more.  It feels kinda achy too, Daddy.  Please Daddy, I need something, something more.”

“Oh my darling girl, yes you do, don’t you?  There is something else that boyfriends and girlfriends do together.  Girls have holes, you remember when we talked about girls and boys bodies?”  She’s nodding frantically against my chest, she wants me to get to it, needs it so badly she’s close to breaking character. “Girls have holes and boys have penises and sometimes when a girl and a boy like each other a lot, the boy will put his penis in her hole.”  She’s thrusting against my knuckles now, my hand balled into a fist. “But Daddy’s penis is very big and your little girl hole is small, so I don’t think we should do that.”

She looks up and gives a half-sob, “But Daddy!  Please, I need it, I want to do the things boy and girls do together, I want to be a big girl, please Daddy, please…” she delivers this while looking up at me with her fathomless eyes and I feel drawn in as I always do.

“You aren’t ready for Daddy’s big penis…yet.  But I can do something else that you will like.”  My finger slides into place at her opening, lightly stroking the ring.  She sucks in her breath, holding it, waiting. I could ask her again, if she’s ready, but I can see she is and so am I.

I enter her slowly, stroking her velvet walls, watching as her head goes back and her eyelids flutter.  I strengthen my hold on her and begin rhythmically fucking her sweet hole, first with one finger and then another.  The elastic of her panties tugs against my hand as I partially withdraw my fingers and I could pause to remove them but I don’t want to leave her hot, wet lustiness for even a moment.  She’s getting close, pressing her face into my chest again, thrusting against my fingers.

“Yes, yes, yesyes, Daddy.. ohhhh… Daddy!” She comes in a long burst of heat, shuddering in my arms and squeezing my hand tightly between her strong thighs.

I keep stroking, pressing against her, following her lead in this dance we do so well together.  She comes again, a long ecstatic rolling orgasm and as she comes back down to earth, I lay her down on the couch, legs draped over my lap.  I watch as she returns to the moment, petting her legs, telling her what a good girl she is, what a good good girl and Daddy is so proud.

She smiles and reaches for me to join her.  I lie down on her and wraps herself around me, kissing my face and smiling, giggling.  Her eyes are shining, she’s so happy and I’m happy because she is and because it is so fun to play with her, to do anything with her.

“So that worked for you?” I ask, smiling because I know the answer.

“Yes, lover, yes… mmm Daddy, my hot, hot Daddy.  Yes, that worked for me very well.”

I tilt my hips into her and we both groan.  My need has become almost painful.

“I think my Daddy needs something, too.”  Her fingers are playing with the short  hairs and the nape of my neck.

“Yes, my love, I do need ‘something’, would you join me in the bedroom and help me out with that?”

She pushes me up, “Yes!  I’m sure I can help you Daddy, let’s go.”

And she’s hustling down the hallway, pausing only to pull off her panties and fling them at me as I follow.

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