Saying Goodbye to Matt Kailey

This afternoon I found out that Matt Kailey died last Saturday.  Matt was the blogger who created Tranifesto, a great source of gender related information, especially for trans masculine identified people.  I didn’t know him in life, only virtually.  We had an email exchange and some in the comments on his blog.  I liked the calm, generous voice his writing had and imagined that he was probably a lot like that in life.  I know from what others have said that he was a well known and respected activist and educator in his community in Colorado.  I know he’ll be missed by a lot of people.

I don’t know what will become of Tranifesto, but I hope it remains available in some fashion.  I’ve sent a lot of people there for information and have gone there myself over and over again.  I’ve always seen his blog as an oasis of order and useful information.

I’ve met some friends online, bloggers, writers, activists, and consider them brothers.  Matt was more like an uncle – smart, experienced, patient and very willing to pass on what he knew.

Thank you again, Matt.


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