About My Daddy/girl Stories… They Are About Consenting Adults…

I had to quickly reverse a friend request on Facebook today because someone expressed praise for my stories and asked if they were real, or fake.  I responded that a lot of what I post here is either factual or based on my experiences, even the fiction has elements of truth.

And then he hit me with the second part of his inquiry.  He asked if I knew of video sites where he could watch actual fathers having sex with their baby girls.

Oh fuck.


I responded quickly that I was not a pedophile, that my stories were about and for consenting adults and then I unfriended him.


This is what it feels like to feel dirty in the not fun way.  And now I’m going to add disclaimers to my Daddy/girl stories.  I’ve been watching the hits mount up for them and seeing the search strings that bring people to my site, knowing full well that some of them are not looking for Butch Daddy and his Girl.  I figured they’d find my stories and be turned off or on but know that they were about consenting adults.  I guess I expected to much.  So now I’m going to add disclaimers to those stories and add some tags.

And let me restate that:  my erotica is for and about consenting adults only.  I use the terms ‘girl’, ‘Daddy’, ‘boy’ to indicate a role being played by an adult.

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