Two Poems, Unfinished

untitled, unfinished

sometimes it hits me
just like that
like breath caught in my throat
like one last step I don’t see
so it catches me by surprise
brings me to my knees

those hours, those moments
each of them etched
on the inside of my heart
waiting for a replay
like the songs that keep playing
on the radio
and I can’t help but sing along
through the tears

loss, grief, pain
as big as the joy we had
as big as the highs
I can still fall into those lows
like the sudden shock
of the light switching off

only think of her
and my heart is off to the races
hoof beats sounding like the steady ticking
of a clock, counting out the minutes
of each time we were together
measuring the unmeasurable

her attention like the sun
my creativity grew like a garden
like a wilderness, rampant
lush and verdant
steamy with vitality
I can still feel its glow
down to my roots



I stood looking at her
the strong jaw
furrowed brow
shields up

Looked then at him
crinkle of a smile
eyes warm inviting
arms open

Looked at me
child of the two
of each of them
and a little more

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