What I’m Up To… January Edition

We are about midway through January and I haven’t given you all an update in a while, so here goes.

Dating Ruby…  is awesome.  We’ve got our next outing planned, in Portland.  We’ll be going the Queer Honky Tonk and then off to more private activities.  She’s pretty wonderful, which I suppose you’ve gathered by now.

Exploring local dating options…  I’m using OKCupid and more personal connections to explore potential dates closer to home.  I’ve been on a lunch date with someone I’ve actually been an acquaintance of for about 15 years.  We’d connected through Fetlife already and finding each other on OKC, with a high match percentage, was compelling.  Next up:  playing pool and having adult beverages.   There is another, someone I’ve known for quite a while as a very good friend.  Something additional to our friendship has been building up and we’re looking for some time to focus on what that might be.

A blast from the past… as if I weren’t manwhore enough, a renewed connection with an ex is coming up and I’m really excited.  Not gonna say more at this time.  And no, it’s not who you probably think it is.

Writing projects…  I have a list of writing projects due one after another.  My review of Unintentional Time Traveler was the first.  Next up, completing and submitting a piece for Letters For My Siblings.  After that, a piece for Lavender Life.  After that… there are some other anthologies of interest.  Also, the e-book of erotica that I want to self-publish as well as an exciting potential collaboration with two other talented butch erotica writers.  2014 is shaping up to be a good year for writing.

The Novel… I took a break after NaNoWriMo and I need to get back to it.  I’m slipping off my projected schedule but I think I’ll be OK.  I needed a break and wrote a bunch of dirty stories in December.  I think you all liked them, at least a little.  Buddy’s been tugging at my sleeve and threatening to kick me in the nuts if I don’t get back to his story, so I’d better not dally long.

Other stuff….

Yoga.. every Sunday morning.  This is my spiritual, body-mind-soul connection practice.  My yoga and meditation practice is continuing the work I started with therapy and I continue to have amazing breakthroughs and revelations as a result.

Work… I’ve taken on some new responsibilities for my consulting company and I’m working my way into those, stretching my brain in new ways.  The new stuff involves writing more than just code:  technical and persuasive writing.  I’m excited to make new important contributions and proud to have my abilities recognized.  And a little daunted by the amount of faith they have in me to make a difference.

Pizza Klatch… I continue to facilitate the group at my alma mater and I am serving on a committee concerned with outreach and public speaking for the group.  I’m resigning from the board for the time being, having served for four years.  We now have about a dozen new volunteers eager to serve on the board and committees and more on the way.  I’m really proud of this group and excited to see what the future holds.  I am also conscious of my need for down time so stepping off the board right now seemed perfect.

Family… my family is awesome.  We have so much love here and so much going for us.  We are truly blessed.  I have a story to tell about my Elder Spawn which will probably tickle you all, so look for that soon.  The Small Person is growing and becoming more and more of a bigger Small Person.  She’s going to be in kindergarten next year.  The big one is going to be a high school freshman.  How did that happen, right?  Miracle Grow.. that’s the secret.

Poly… doing so much better with this.  Have had some pretty good revelations and emotional growth spurts lately in this area.  Things are really, really good.

That’s me right now.. how about you?

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