sex with her is luscious

like plush velvet and heavy cream

intoxicating and heady

rich and sweet

bubbling up from my belly

into giggles and long satisfied sighs


sex with her is curves on curves

her thighs wrapped around my hips

my belly tucked against the small of her back

her breasts reaching for my lips


sex with her is hard and soft

my tongue hardening her nipple

her warm hands stroking me

my growls against her throat

her teeth leaving keepsakes on my chest





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5 Responses to Luscious

  1. So incredibly hot, and beautiful.

    Thank you so much. I really enjoyed writing this, it came up in that wonderfully organic way that muse inspired writing comes sometimes. I was chatting with Ruby and trying to find words to describe how it felt to be with her and ‘luscious’ popped out.. and then, musing on that word, the rest tumbled onto the screen soon after. Glad you enjoyed it – K

  2. Ruby says:

    *sigh* you make me swoony baby.

    mmmm 🙂 likewise, darlin’… you get me swoony and I write poetry. Thanks for being so luscious and wonderful – K

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  4. Mmmmm. I do love your poetry – so creamy 🙂

    xx Dee

    ‘creamy’, huh? That’s awesome.. thanks, Dee! K

  5. Molly says:

    Oh my this made me long, yet again, for a girlfriend… I think you really captured many of the joys of experience when with a beautiful woman

    Thanks so much, Molly. I’m happy to inspire a craving like that – K

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