Dating Ruby is So Good

Ruby, the voluptuous Portland hottie who I am fortunate to call ‘girlfriend’, recently visited Olympia to catch up with a BFF and for the occasion of our fourth date.  At some point I’m sure I’ll lose track of the actual number, but I’m still so giddy about how well we fit together that I love those milestones.

How well do we fit? Wow.  Really well. She is both comfortable and exciting. Sexy and smart. I enjoy any time spent with her, talking, fucking, kissing, enjoying a meal, driving around.  She’s sexygorgeous in clothes or out of them.  We have come close to exploring all the fun, kinky sexy adventures we’ve seen at … and we think of more fun things to do all the time.

I feel connected to her without feeling needygrabby.  Through her, I’m learning how to want someone without feeling wrecked by distance.  I’m learning how to need and be needed without jealousy and envy.  And, ohgods people, she feels good.  Like cover-me-with-your-body-and-I’ll-float-away good, like grab-me-by-the-hair-and-my-whole-body-sighs good, like I-see-your-face-and-want-to-kiss-you-all-night-good.

This feeling. This I-like-you-a-lot-and-I-mean-A-LOT-LOT, it’s a good feeling.  I know, I’m a writer and I should have writerly things to say but I’m kind of slayed by how easy and good it all is.  My stomach gets bubblygiddy when she tells me I’m handsome or that she misses me.  I really love being her boyfriend and being her Daddy is such a gift, I’m having so much fun exploring that dynamic with her.  She fits into my life and my arms so well.  She also fits into other places extremely well  *eyebrow-waggle* … I’ve been described as ‘easy’ before, and I am, but still she’s got mad skillz… and I was feeling those effects all day yesterday, a full 24 hours after she’d left town.  That’s good lovin’.

Dating Ruby is good, really good, feeling-high-for-days-after good, can-we-do-this-for-a-long-time? good.  Good, sweet, sexy, awesometastic, curvylicious, damn-she-knows-how-to-touch-me, I-never-get-enough-kisses good.  Each time it gets better, that’s how good.


Thank you, my sweetsexystrongsmart girlfriend, I am honored to be your boyfriend and I hope we do this goodsexyfun thing for a long, long time.  You make me really happy and I want to make you really happy.

xoxo, Kyle


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