Dirty December, Day 9 : Dirty Spoon

IMG_4792 (Medium)At some point in the night, I became the small spoon.

As the air cooled around us, we’d worked our way closer and closer, meeting in the middle, back to back.  That’s how we were when I fell asleep on the new bed which you can find out more about later.  When I woke later, it was just before dawn and the gray light had started to outline the furniture in the room.  She had rolled over and pulled me up against her, one arm snaked under my neck and across my chest.  I woke up because of what her other hand was doing.

She was reading my body like it was a love poem in Braille.  She swept across my nipples and cupped one breast, then the next.  I was doing my best to feign sleep, though my body wanted to press into her touch, tell her how good it felt to be touched that way.  It had been too long.  I worked hard to keep my breath even, though my heart was pounding.

Her hand continued its journey, caressing my ample belly, scratching it lightly in the tender place underneath.  That’s when I knew she was trying to provoke a reaction, testing me to see how long I could hold out.  Her nails almost broke me.  I concentrated on breathing evenly, in and out, in and out…. oh god! Her body pressing against my back, the warmth and curves of her.  I could feel her nipples hardening against me.

And then, she caught me anticipating her next move.  I expected her to continue south, but she took a sudden right turn, sliding her warm provocative palm across my hip and down my ass.  That was it, I lost my control and moaned.  Up to that moment, she’d been tempting the woman in me, but when she drew her fingers upward between my buttocks, she called out the boy.

I felt her breath before her lips touched my neck.  Then she grazed her teeth across my shoulder and began to tease my impatient hole.  God, I wanted her in there, I wanted her in my ass fucking me hard, I moaned again and whispered, “Please, baby.. please!”

Her chuckle was low and breathy, “Oh my sweet, horny boy….”

She pushed me onto my belly and pushed my legs apart. I arched my back a little, I was impatient now that I wasn’t playing at being asleep.

Again, that low chuckle.  “Lie still and be a good boy and you might get what you want.”

I groaned in frustration.  Did she know how much I wanted her inside me?  How long it had been since anyone had fucked me this way?  I clutched at the sheets in frustration.  My senses were heightened, I felt as though I could feel the air moving between us.  The flannel sheets warm beneath me, her hands warm where they touched my cooling skin.  The smell of sex mingled with the jasmine scent of candles we’d burned earlier.  I could just hear the hum of the freeway a mile off through the woods.  I imagined I could hear the wheels turning in her mind.

She put her hands on the backs of my thighs, up close to my ass.  Then I felt something cool and damp in the dimple right above my crack.  Ohgod.  I groaned again.  She was going to torture me with pleasure before giving me what I would very soon be begging for. I felt her tongue move downward, licking my lower cleavage.  I tried to shift my ass, to offer it to her but her hands on my thighs kept me from moving very much.

“Hold still, boy, don’t try to hurry me or you might not get what you want.”

“Ok, ok, yes, ok… but please, please, lover… please fuck me! You’re making me crazy.”

I got nothing but a low laugh in response.  She was having too much fun.

She spread my cheeks apart and then I had to get an even stronger grip on the edge of the mattress because her tongue on my asshole was a slice of heaven.  Sexy and dirty and intimate.  She licked me softly and slowly at first, becoming more insistent, probing my crease and pressing inside me.  She went lower and lapped at my front hole, sucking at the wetness gathered there. I’d become incoherent, moaning and chewing on the pillow, banging my forehead against it repeatedly in an effort to hold my ass still.

 Then her hands lifted off my thighs and she was on top of me, kissing my shoulders, grinding her mound into my ass, growling in my ear.

 “You want me to fuck that pretty ass, boy?” She was sexy and in charge and it turned me on so much.  I’d pretty much say anything at that point, so ‘yes’ was easy.

 “I’m sorry, what was that?  You’d better convince me you need it, or I’ll just rub one out on your ass and you can take care of yourself later.”  Ohgod, toppy, toppy, toppy… I lifted my ass up against her.  I wanted to be fucked but it was such a turn on to think of her using me that way.

 “Please, baby, please fuck my slutty boy ass, it’s so empty and so needy!  Please, please I need you, please baby, you know I’m just a slutty boy who needs to be fucked…”  I would have kept going except she shoved two fingers into my mouth and I immediately started sucking and tonguing them with slut-boy abandon.

 She was kissing and chewing on my ear and my neck, telling me what a good boy I was, what a good slutty boy and how much she was going to enjoy fucking my tight ass.  I felt like I could come right then, dirty talk is so hot.

 She slid back down to her position between my legs and gave me a few more wet licks across the asshole.  She pushed my knees toward my shoulders and I tilted my ass skyward for her.  Then I felt her pressing into me.

 “Ohgod, yes, baby, yessss….”  I babbled about being her slut and wanting to be fucked hard until I couldn’t do much more than moan and growl.  We got into a rhythm and I was bucking back so hard I wondered how her arm was going to hold up.

 “Jerk yourself off, boy.” Her voice was low and harsh, with a bit of a growl.  “Jerk yourself and come while I’m fucking your slutty ass.”

 My right hand didn’t need to be told twice.  My voice started to rise almost immediately after I started stroking my little cock.  It was so slick I had trouble getting traction but I didn’t need much, I was so close already.  She pulled her fingers out and rubbed her pussy against my ass and soon we were both growling, a couple of animals in heat.  She was so wet, covering my ass with her hot juice and grinding into me so hard that my face was pressed into the pillow and my head was banging up against the headboard.

 “Ohgod, baby, yes… I’m so close, baby, come with me, please!” Her voice had lost its low growl and gone up an octave.

 I didn’t need to be asked twice.

It was still dark outside and we were sprawled across the bed and each other, catching our breath.  It was a cold night and I was cooling off quickly.  I reached down and pulled the covers back over both of us and pulled her into my arms.  We kissed energetically at first but soon we were both fading back into drowsiness.

“Baby, roll over, I want to hold you.  I want to hold my sweet, slutty boy.”

I rolled over and she wrapped herself around me.  I smiled to myself as I felt consciousness fade, happy to be her small spoon.

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