Dirty December, Day 6 : Dirty Boy

“I like it when you touch yourself”, I can almost hear her voice, breathy and deep.  “Especially when you touch your cock.”

Unnffff… that gets to me, without thinking I reach down and give myself a squeeze through my jeans.  I’m staring at the words on the screen but I don’t really see them.  Instead I’m thinking about the pictures she’s mentioned, the ones on Fetlife of me with my hand on my cock. She told me those are the ones she likes the most.

“I could stroke it for you sometime, would you like that?”  My clit is already reacting to the words I’m typing, the act I’m imagining, it’s tightening and that makes me want to touch myself even more.

Ruby’s typing a response.  “*swoons*”  Then she tells me that the video I sent her, of me stroking myself through my jeans turns her on a lot, that she gets off to it often.  Dayamn, yeah, that video, that was hot.  It turned me on to make it.

I like touching myself, I always have.  I remember I used to be shy about masturbating in front of someone else, but then one of my girlfriends helped me through that shyness.  She loved to watch me get myself off.  She’d help sometimes, kissing me, squeezing my breasts.  Other times she’d watch, fingering herself while I rubbed and vibrated myself to orgasm.

Now it’s Ruby.  She’s the one who’s swooning over pictures of me touching my cock through my jeans, squeezing myself through my briefs. I’d love to jack off for her.  I’d strap on the cock that feels the most like me and get some slick stuff in my hand.  Would I stand, squared up and confident, looking her in the eye while I jacked off?  Or would I sit down, lean back and take long slow pulls with quick strong down strokes?  Just thinking about it makes me want to do it.  I get turned on just thinking about touching myself.  I’m such a perv, such a dirty boy.

I want to watch her, too.

“Show me how you touch yourself, baby.”  I want to kneel between her legs and stroke my hard cock while she runs her fingers through slick, swollen lips.  I want to watch her squirm and writhe and spread her legs for my cock.  But I’m going to hold back, I want to stroke one out for her, I want to watch her fingers and I want her to watch my hand on my dick.  Each backstroke would pull the base of my cock against my little dick, my butch cock, bringing me closer to orgasm.

Even with my packing cock, I can get myself off by stroking and playing with myself.  I’m one of those dirty old men who plays with himself when there’s no one around.  At work, in my truck, at home watching something sexy, or lying in bed imagining something sexy, or even without anything sexy happening, if I start touching myself, that’s the sexy thing happening.  I don’t need much in the way of an excuse to undo my belt and pull my button fly open but I can get off just as easily with my jeans on.  I’m such a dirty boy, it turns me on to watch as my fingers touch my dick through my jeans. I like the look of my hand down there, between my legs.  Stroking it, squeezing it a little, grabbing my package and pulling it back against my clit.  Ohhhh yeah, that’s the way.  If I need a little boost, I might imagine that I’m peeking through her blinds, watching as she undresses for a shower, stroking harder as she slides her panties down.  Straining for glimpses of the sweetness between her legs.  Drooling a bit when her gorgeous breasts come into view and I imagine taking them one at a time into my mouth, sucking on them while I touch her wetness.  Unffff… dayamn.

I’m a dirty, dirty boy.  I turn myself on.  I think it looks sexy when I’ve got my hands between my legs whether my jeans are on or off.  Whether my cock is strapped on or soft.  And when it’s just me, with the jeans pushed halfway down my thighs and my brief and cock are pushed away… damn, that’s a sexy pussy I have down there.

Yeah, I’m a dirty boy.  I love getting myself off but it’s even more fun when I can do it for someone else.


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