Dirty December, Day 4 : Dirty Keys

IMG_7354 (Medium)“Oh, yeah, baby, come on, give it to me… that’s it, that’s the way.”  Abel’s fingers fly across the keyboard, characters rushing each other across the screen.

He pauses, squinting and frowning a little.  Clicking a couple of buttons, he sits back again, watching as the screen fills up with messages again.

“Yes, baby, that’s the way, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah… you know it, baby”  Abel pumps his fists into the air, whooping loudly enough to make someone a couple of doors away shout at him to be quiet.  Abel doesn’t hear it, he’s in the zone.

More rapid-fire typing. A pause.  Backspace, backspace, backspace.  More typing. Clicking the button again.  “Come on baby, give it to me, you know you want to, come to Daddy, come to Daddy, sugar.”

“Hmmm… no, no, NO!  that’s not what I want.. don’t do that to me, come on, don’t be a little bitch, Daddy needs this.”  Abel tilts back in his chair, brow furrowed, fingers steepled.  He takes several moments to read and reread the screen.  Then sits back up so suddenly he almost falls out of his chair.

“Ah-Ha!!  Yes!  Of course! OK.. let’s make this happen, baby…”  His fingers thunder across the keyboard with speed and passion.  Ratata-tatata, bam.  Ratata-tatata, bam.  Ratata-tatata, bam.  Look to see the results.  Ratata-tatata, bam.  Ratata-tatata, bam.  Look again.  He jumps up and to do a quick sexy dance then drops back into the seat for more.  Finally the big moment comes, his typing slows, he takes a little more time to look at both his typing and the results he’s getting.   Then a whoop of triumph!

“Yeah, baby, you know it, who’s your Daddy? Who’s your Daddy?  That’s right, baby, I am and you know it… I gave you what you wanted this time didn’t you?  Mmhmm.. I know how to give it to you just right.”  Abel punctuated his declaration with some dramatic groin thrusting and a crotch grab thrown in for good measure.  “Motherfuckers need to bow down and suck it, yes they do, uh huh.”

After a few moments of ecstatic celebration, Abel sits down, suddenly drained.  It’s been a long day. Leaning over the keyboard again, he types a well worn path along the keys and hits ‘enter’ one last time.  As his screen goes dark, he stands up and addresses his monitor one more time.

“I showed you, didn’t I, bitch?  You can’t stop Daddy from getting his way. Got that code to compile and published the motherfucker.  Uh huh!”

“Jeez, Maxwell, keep it down in there will ya?”  Shouts the voice from down the hall again.

“Come here and suck it, asshole!”  Abel responds tiredly, closing his office door and heading toward the exit.  Time to go home and reward himself with some Dr. Who and Thai food.

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