Dirty December, Day 3 : Dirty Dating, Part 1

IMG_7131 (Medium)Ruby and I have had three dates, twice in Portland, once in Olympia.  Since my whole November got eaten by writing frenzy, I haven’t had a chance to tell you about the last two.

She came to Olympia on the train and hung out with a friend until it was time for me to come fetch her for dinner.  She and I drove downtown together, her friend came separately (she wanted to get to know me better, Ruby has friends who watch out for her).  We had dinner at a cool Italian place (Al Forno).  It was nice, really nice.  I felt really comfortable and relaxed with Ruby, and her friend (had met her before). We shared good food and talked about all kinds of things, I don’t even remember all of it now.  But it was good.

After dinner, we said goodbye to her friends and then strolled down to the QB (Quality Burrito).  I wanted to show her some of my favorite places in Olympia, places I hang out at and enjoy.  We had a drink at QB before continuing on to the BroHo (Brotherhood), which is the bar I am most commonly found at, if I’m to be found at a bar.  We’d been flirting and kissing and touching and were in fine spirits.  Sitting at the BroHo felt exactly right.  She fit right into the groove there.  There was more making out and groping. I love groping.  (you were probably wondering when I would get to the dirty part, right?).  She’s not a shy one with touching, thank goodness.  She reaches right in there and grabs me with purpose, and I love it.

One of my friends, the Curvy Brunette, came in and I introduced them.  I’d been talking about my hot girlfriend in Portland and it was really nice to introduce an Oly person to her.  Later CB texted me:

You had glitter on your face, Sir… and you look amazing together

Well, I did have glitter on my face, that’s what comes of making out with Femmes, I suppose.

As I said, it felt really good to hang out with her in one of my favorite places, but we both had plans that didn’t involve hanging out at a bar.  As we left the BroHo, I made a quick decision to take an alternate route back to the truck.  With Ruby on my arm, we jaywalked across Capital and made our way toward the alley that runs between Capital and Washington.

Yeah, I said ‘alley’, does that give you the tingles?  Do you get some stirrings?  Do you predict a dirty moment coming up?  You should.

I had been pointing out some of the alleyway art as we walked.  Before we got to the next street, I pushed her up against the brightly colored wall and claimed her lips in a deep kiss.  She was wearing a skirt, and I have had a serious thing about skirts ever since my first girlfriend, who wore them a lot.  Which allowed me all sorts of dirty access while driving.  So skirts look good and in my head, they say ‘accessible’.  I know, I know, consent is sexy, and I agree, but this is Dirty December and I’m in a confessional mood.

I slipped my hand between her legs and that’s when I discovered that she’d done something very dirty for me.  Can you guess?  I’ll give you a moment….. really?  It took you that long?  You need a dirty mind tune up, my friend.

No panties.

I gasped in delighted surprise when my fingers met her wet lips with nothing between us.

“I’ve been wondering how long it would take you to figure it out.”

So now I had a sexy, dirty equation consisting of a skirt (accessible) plus no panties (even more accessible) and the bonus of consent.  No, even better.  Expectation.  So what is the answer to that formula?  Well, the logical conclusion is something like that which my Day 2 character witnessed, but we didn’t get that far. I was able to slide my fingers between her lips and find out just how wet all of our flirting and groping had made her but I didn’t get all the way. No, she didn’t stop me.. heavens no, she’s as slutty as I am.  And happily so.  No, the reason I didn’t get very far was that someone was driving out of the alleyway on the other side of the street from us and we were suddenly the focus of their headlights.  I looked at the car and paused before retrieving my hand.  Then I stared at the car, waiting to see which way they were going.  As they turned onto the street, a male voice from inside the car yelled.

“Yeah, I saw what you’re doin’ there!”

I held my palms face up and shrugged, whatever, dude, you’re just jealous.

Ruby and I laughed it off.  And then proceeded to the truck a bit more directly, so we could get to the hotel and start some more dirty mischief.

More on that in the next installment.

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